"Fear of Death"

In our life, we believe that staying alive and healthy is more important.

We believe we should not miss anything. We believe thought must end or else we might not achieve something.

Why we are attached with parents,children,spouse,materials,experience?

Are we attached to this body?

Are we fear of death?

What we will achieve by staying alive?

This body is a decaying thing. It is totally limited. And so this earth.

So why we believe “humans should live in peace in this limited world”?

What we will achieve by reproducing more humans?

Is this a belief that “if we not reproduce - we do something wrong to nature”?

What is nature?

Why humanity should sustain?

When we say fear of death, the death and the fear are not different. Psychologically it is the end which is being avoided. So fear has become a way of life. Then I question the way I live, and I am critical of it all. The fear is the way we are destroying the planet. That’s what we have to see urgently. The death is now.