Expansion of Consciousness in Clinical Trials

K: " Those who meditate want wider, deeper experiences which can very easily be gained through the psychedelic drugs that give you an expansion of consciousness,…"

Here’s some of the renowned experts in their fields at the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Global Summit (psychedelicassistedtherapysummit.com)

The links in the above summit change daily, and there are so many astute presenters. Here’s one where dissolution of self-concept is discussed: *
Brian Richards, PhD
- The Trial Period: Bringing Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Into Mainstream Culture

Last link has expired - now costs hundreds of dollars to view.

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Sorry to hear it expired already. The links are up for 48 hours and summit ends on December 19. Brian Richards referred viewers to this website: Sunstone Therapies They can train therapists in this modality, are looking for volunteers for clinical trials, and provide therapeutic sessions.

I have always been a big fan of mushrooms - even today I have trained my dog to find truffles - and am always first in line when my local supermarket offers some weirder varieties.

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If psychedelics expand my prison with exciting, fascinating, stimulating experiences, aren’t I less likely to awaken to my self-incarceration?

If I’m interested in freedom, why would I want to expand my comfort zone, making it more habitable?


The nine days of summit presentations provided a thorough history and update on the therapeutic uses of these medicines. Another key research center, located in San Jose, CA, is MAPS Public Benefit Corporation - Leaders in Psychedelic Research. The previously mentioned one, Sunstone Therapies, is located in the Baltimore area. Both offer training for therapists and seek volunteers for clinical trials. With laws changing, the researchers estimate a need for 10,000 trained personnel to provide the therapeutic sessions.