Eternal Present, Non-Duality and Ecstasy-3 K Quotes

If we live with present moment attention, what happens? Here are 3 quotes from K around this question:

  • “If you live in the eternal present, the hereafter does not exist; then life is not divided into the past, present, and future. Then there is only completeness, and in that there is the ecstasy of life.”
  • “There is no duality in ecstasy . It is a state which spontaneously comes into being without our willing it. …What is ecstasy? That state of being when the mind and heart are in complete union,”
  • Ecstasy ” is to be beyond yourself. There is no self to enjoy. The self – that is the me, the ego, the personality – has all totally disappeared, there is only that sense of being outside. That is ecstasy.”

K: “To me, the present is eternity; eternity lies in the present, not in the future.”

Heurist | (Carey G. Butler)


An acquaintance died a while back and I heard that he didn’t want his body cremated until three days had passed. Does anyone know what that might be about? What belief system suggests that?

Dan, I always thought it was to make sure the person was actually dead. Here’s an interesting answer on Quora.

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Thank you! Knowing this person was a bit paranoid, I’m sure this was the reason for the 3 day request. Not a bad idea actually. Can’t be too sure.:scream:

Present moment attention can mean :
*There being only the action that is taking place eg. sewing, running, crossword puzzle etc without any confusion/separation/conflict - ie. thought, judgement, comparison about what is happening.
*sudden awareness of being lost in confusion/thought/conflict/judgement/comparison ie. of the movement of self.

In the first case, a thought will probably (eventually) arise; and in the second, the thought will probably (immediately) end.