I’m wondering if the transformation of the brain Krishnamurti said was essential for communion with intelligence/compassion is nothing more than the brain’s total awareness of all that thought has established in the past and all that thought is doing now.

Presently, the brain is fragmented and dysfunctional because, being a system of separate functions, each function must be aware of what the other functions are doing or not doing, and the conditioned brain’s awareness of itself is not whole but only partial. It may be that the brain is insufficiently enlightened because it is wasting energy instead of using it intelligently.

For years Krishnamurti talked about “gathering energy” by not wasting energy, which suggests that the brain is dysfunctional because its operation wastes energy instead using it intelligently. This, however, doesn’t mean that the dysfunctional brain can practice gathering energy - it only means that a transformed brain doesn’t waste energy. It is energy-efficient, and the confused, conflicted brain, no matter how much energy it uses, never brings the change, the transformation, the enlightenment it so desperately needs.

So what is a dysfunctional brain to do? Obviously, it doesn’t know or it would have done it by now. So what does one do upon realizing one’s efforts are futile, a waste of energy?