Does anybody know how to think?

I myself still don’t know how to think.
By “how” I mean in what manner.
We think when we have a problem.
And we humans are full of problems .
What is the correct way to think about our daily problems?
Is it reverse thinking?
Oh, I got it.
Seeing is thinking.
Thank to this K forum .

What do you think right now?

That is a very good and direct question.
What do you think presently?

Yes what I think presently is of the utmost important…

This is a very touchy situation…

This quote is from Krishnamurtis “A dialogue with Oneself” seems to be the answer to the correct way to think.

“K: I am asking myself: has thought realized its own limitations? Or is it pretending to be something extraordinary, noble, divine? - which is nonsense because thought is based on memory. I see that there must be clarity about this point: that there is no outside influence imposing on thought saying it is limited. Then, because there is no imposition there is no conflict; it simply realizes it is limited; it realizes that whatever it does - its worship of god and so on - is limited, shoddy, petty - even though it has created marvellous cathedrals throughout Europe in which to worship.
So there has been in my conversation with myself the discovery that loneliness is created by thought. Thought has now realized of itself that it is limited and so cannot solve the problem of loneliness. As it cannot solve the problem of loneliness, does loneliness exist? Thought has created this sense of loneliness, this emptiness, because it is limited, fragmentary, divided and when it realizes this, loneliness is not, therefore there is freedom from attachment. I have done nothing; I have watched the attachment, what is implied in it, greed, fear, loneliness, all that and by tracing it, observing it, not analysing it, but just looking, looking and looking, there is the discovery that thought has done all this. Thought, because it is fragmentary, has created this attachment. When it realizes this, attachment ceases. There is no effort made at all. For the moment there is effort - conflict is back again.
In love there is no attachment; if there is attachment there is no love. There has been the removal of the major factor through negation of what it is not, through the negation of attachment.”