Disorder and Control

When I am interested in someone’s book, or video and I see what is called dialogue, I look at the content and might see this content and its presentation, as interesting. I might see it is highlighting a different way of thinking, or a different way of life. There is a habit to see the content and the presentation as an important element, and believe all this material and the medium, in the style of something called dialogue, is what must be reproduced. Reproducing the content of the dialogues we have read or looked at, seems to be the best way to fulfil what was meant by them. The content seems to be what these dialogues are about, and that future dialogues need address the same content from the perspective of new participants.

The actual insights are completely missed, or they are subjugated to the content seen or read in the dialogues. The content may be insightful, radical, and represent some revolutionary thinking. This is something to think about, if not fully realise in life. But taking content as an example of how to do a dialogue is a mistake. What’s more, the content, the words and ideas, the topic, the issues, and all the matters raised, are not by themselves, dialogue. Repeating content is participants maintaining the control of a way of thinking.

Isn’t control a peculiar thing. A government can have the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour or the course of events. Yet people under this control are acting with their base desires. Likewise, there are projects, programs, and activities we are participating in, and are in accord with the goals, thinking we are in control. Basically, we don’t see the immediate disorder of the lives we live.

We look at content and material and its presentation, as the important level of participation, and maintain this reproduction as a wise understanding. Thinking about all this content, the usual action taken is to analyse, to modify, to manage, and by this distraction, not look directly at the nature of the self. This is the way control works.

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The better the method, the stronger its grip on you.

In Immediate action/response there should be no goal/desires. No control,authority should present there. But for an action which needs efforts,time,co-operation - like business/profession/etc… needs a strategy. But, before accepting a project - there must be ‘humanity’. The effects of that project - should not harm people, animals, environment, but to serve them. For this action - the employees,customers,suppliers,etc. should be aware of their actions. If they are not, then there must be control, to control loss for all. Right?

Thinking distracts one from observation. It creates an image/belief and won’t allow one to look.

A method becomes another Belief that it will pave way for a goal. Then it remains in the same prison - shifting rooms.

Method, is a concept about how to do something. The concept is made up of content and the content is what we think to respond to, to be doing something. This is the content producing an action with concepts, not the human being.

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