Current Scientific Interest in Krishnamurti's Teachings?

Hi, does anyone know if there are any modern day scientists interested in K’s teachings today? Or even celebrities that could perhaps introduce new people or spark an interest into Krishnamurti’s teachings.

The reason I ask is that I just feel like the dissemination of K’s teachings is so important and I just find it interesting that there are other people out there asking these fundamental questions.

Also does anyone know if there are any plans for future Krishnamurti documentaries? (I watched “infinite potential” recently which is mainly about David Bohm but was a very interesting documentary.)


I think, I am one of those people who are interested in asking fundamental questions :slight_smile:

Sometimes I feel like the quality of simplicity and openness of mind that would be required to even pay attention to the first few words of any K talk or written piece by K, is completely absent from our contemporary society.

Paying attention to K’s talk is not simple. Sometime’s his words are abstract, it is difficult to understand in detail.

Here we can investigate them :slight_smile:

We need more investigation and less veneration.

Yes sir,

I got the point you said but in this forum I observed some replies are poetic, religious, repetition of Jiddu words and some replies are coming from other philosophies. Some are having too much attachment to their theories.

Okay sir, I will participate for investigating to become certain on the topic which I am uncertain and share the understood information. :slight_smile:

Stop calling me “sir”. For all you know I could be a woman.

Hii friends

I have a fundamental question.

Why we are not free from the thought of becoming better?

Please share your thoughts on this aspect.:slight_smile:

Improvement is usually possible and often achievable, so why not think about being better at this or that?

Krishnamurti decried “becoming”, but don’t confuse this with gaining greater skill or competence

Improvement is possible but I feel that thinking about being better at something is the future aspect in mind.

I do not know how to express exactly but I can say that ideas of betterment may creates distortion inside mind.

I think, I have to pay some attention and give my explanation in next reply.