Critical Self Reflection

Can you see yourself practicing enough critical analysis on your own thought formation processes to eventually discover how to constantly add greater relevance and value to many of the questions you keep asking yourself before you present them for further consideration to your self, so you can be satisfied contributing greater value to any on going discussion on or off line than you have been in the past?

Could we address a potential snowballing of confirmation bias please.

I mean if I am the judge of myself in order to direct myself towards better action and understanding, how do I avoid adding to any potential confusion?

Critical thinking says this is a needlessly long, convoluted way to ask whether one examines one’s own questions thoroughly enough before publishing or proposing them to others.

I would suggest you create a better mental frame work for evaluating potential issues of confusion according to measures of probability for value and purpose before you let your mental state registers a sense of confusion …
It’s up to you how much work you want to put into creating, testing and implementing your own mental functionality.
How easy do you want to make it for yourself and others to confuse you?
Is a sharp knife better for slicing than a dull one, or a meat grinder?
What criteria would you apply to evaluate such questions … :slight_smile:

Do you think you’re not confused and confusing?

Is a sharp knife better for slicing than a dull one, or a meat grinder?

Do you think this is a good question?

You are missing the whole point by quite a distance my friend …

What was your recent experience listening to the conversation between your inner teacher and your inner student?

What were you able to learn from it?

I have no “inner teacher”. All that I presume to know is provisional, conditional. At the core there is nothing, unknowing.

Question your believe system ever more intelligently. Try to understand your mental pitfalls of applying critical self reflection on a more effective basis and adjust your learning capacity accordingly …

Never stop to refine your inner dialog with your various forms and levels of being … try to overcome your hurdles over time!

You can learn to apply your psycho-dynamic energy to open your inner vision to a greater understanding and a better grasp of a more complex reality than the some what static perspective imposed by the current state of social development.