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“When I realize I’m contentedly lost, I’m uncomfortably found”

Is Krishnamurti’s message so difficult to “get” that it becomes a “teaching” that one must pore over, assiduously examine, and discuss with other “students”? Or could it be that the conditioned mind is unconditionally resistant to whatever exposes its weaknesses and draws attention to its fatal flaws?

I suspect the latter, but being conditioned to resist whatever exposes me, I expect resistance to persist.

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The message as far as I see is a pointer to the requirement of a silence which gets keener and more sensitive as it goes deeper. Mind then allows itself to be taken up when required else be set aside, behaving as a whole and not fragmented as to be able to resist; lending itself to be able to be disciplined as much as one is able to do with one’s body. Seeing the requirement of silence will take away the natural objection one might have with words like ‘discipline’.

Are you saying that silence is essential; that thought must stop for as long as it takes for awareness to abide the absence of thought?

Could you elaborate furthermore , and do you mean thought by the word “mind” or something else?

The non-believer is not doing anything different to that of the believer. They are both trying to resolve belief.