Consciousness, Self-Awareness, and Qualia

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Bache: “I asked what had happened, and It explained that we had left time. Then It said, ‘We never intended so many to get caught in time.’ It felt like time was one of the many creative experiences of the multidimensional universe I was being shown.”

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Amazing parallels with Krishnamurti’s perceptions!

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I shall accept and undertake the (self imposed) challenge of finding the parallels between the teachings and the concept of “diamonds from heaven” derived apparently from tripping on LSD. :clown_face:

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All three of these videos are the tesserae of a beautiful mosaic. But the last video renewed my reverence for Krishnamurti’s perceptions and compassion to transmit them to the rest of us using mere words.

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Q1: What is the relationship between consciousness, mind, brain, thought, intellect, meditation and intelligence? Is awareness, attention still there when thought is not? Is awareness beyond time?
36 mins in is a good place to start.

From Christopher Bache’s book, The Mind of the Universe: "When one person begins to throw off layers of their psychological conditioning and awaken to clearer, more expansive states of awareness, surrounding people will necessarily be affected…The ecology of consciousness is an inherently collective ecology.

The importance of trippin’ off our block is in the fact that experience is seen to be a mechanical process rather than the detection of truth. Slight changes in chemistry making for a completely different experience.

The danger is of course that we think that experience x is a “higher” truth than experience y.

Bache didn’t go trippin around the block. He was in a clinical setting, with eye shades on, used pre-selected music, lay in a bed with a clinically trained sitter (who happened to be his wife) in the room, and took the deep dive within into the Unknown. He meticulously recorded these 73 high dose sessions over a 20 year period. Set and setting are important. Of course, the inward journey has its similarities and differences among individuals.

Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have used that expression. I just meant tripping on LSD (or whatever substance).

I understand. Now these medicines are being used in clinical settings to get the most out of the sessions, rather than risk safety in the external world.