To think about freedom, I have to forget what I know, and to do that I have to forget I is thinking.

I worship freedom because its inconceivable and I am conceptual. I worship what I can’t conceive of because I am a slave to what confounds. My job is to avoid the usual mistakes, to arrive on time, depart upon completion, keep plugging away until it’s time to pull the plug. My pursuit of respectability is imperiled by my interest in freedom, and my thoughts about freedom are quashed by my pursuit. I give up the game when free of what’s false.

Without one’s self, one wonders, would living be more material than temporal, more sensational than rational, more something than nothing but the known? Maybe, one replies, knowing how little one knows.

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The world is in a divided mess of mass confusion. Influence, and national and global aggressive wars as mass insanity defends these atrocities, and accidents and environmental destruction is seeping into our live’s from almost everywhere? . From the moment we get up till we go to bed with rare moments of peace? I would say as long as we can be influenced to pursue mankind’s psychological addiction to organize in masses, and follow any popular tyrannical leaders, despots,religious bigots and divide from our fellow mankind as the so called good against the so called bad?

We will never mature or evolve. So real freedom is the freedom from all mankind’s invented external psychological influence, all mass hypnosis that blocks human beings from thinking for themselves individually. Individually refusing to do great harm to their fellow mankind just because they, or others disagree with any mass’s ideas about good and evil masses of people they want to exterminate, absorb, or erase from their own property on earth like Russia, and Israel, and other nations like China are planning today or doing today. External manmade Influence is a thought wall against individual freedom. Can you see that as well?