“Conflict is the very structure of the self. It is entirely possible to live without conflict, the conflict of greed, of fear, of success; but this possibility will be merely theoretical and not actual until it is discovered through direct experiencing.” Krishnamurti

Why don’t I know what “direct experiencing” is? How do I find out? What am I to do if I can’t free myself from my problems because my problems are who I am? Do I not want to be free of my problems, or is wanting the problem? If it is, I can’t want to solve it without perpetuating it.

Am I unable to see what I need to see because I’m blinded by the fear of being outside of myself in an eternity so vast and unfathomable that there’s only choiceless awareness and choiceless response?

Am I asking the wrong questions, or is there no right question for a brain that can’t abandon its problems for the freedom to find out?

There is no problem.You are the problem.

The question of : is it possible to live without conflict? is not only a theoretical one.

We can put the question to the test in dialogue for example - even on this written forum we can test our ability to not mechanically act from this domineering center.
You may be relating to your projections as a means of imposing what you know - but between your automatic reaction to the written words on the screen and when you finally press “reply” there is a huge opportunity to ask ourselves : do we really have to act this way?

Maybe I can let go of my need to preach, harang, argue, insult or generally act from pride and fear? Maybe I can breath calmly, reread the text and embrace this moment differently? I may not immediately become the person I think I should, but surely thats not the point?

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The ‘problem’ asking how to solve the problem?

Assures the continuation of the problem?

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Thank you, Inquiry, for this post. As much as I would like to, as much as I would want to, I cannot help you and it pains me that I cannot do so. I take your words here as if they were mine knowing that not even doing so can be of any help to you.

I’m not sure “asking how” is necessarily problematic. But wanting a solution to the problem is just the continuation/manifestation of wanting this to be that.

I sometimes wonder if suffering must play its part in the refusal of suffering.

Doubting everything I’ve ‘come up with’ seems necessary…humiliating in a way? We are so conditioned to ‘know’.

Wanting to understand what I am and why I’m here is a source of conflict in the fear that I will die without knowing the truth. That I will die without understanding.

Oups! My bad. “the problem asking how to solve the problem” was a good point - I just focussed on the “asking how” bit.

Pride exists, I should acknowledge its existence. My being a jerk because I think K sometimes acted like one, or because I think pride shouldn’t exist, is silly.

So what is this? Fervent …yet just another desire to substitute ‘what is’ for what I want it to be?

danmcderm, I apologize for intruding in your thinking here. Please allow me to comment, and I hope that you won’t mind, if the “me” is not annihilated in the desiring, then the desire is not fervent enough.


Yes the usual need for self aggrandisement, protection, self pleasuring and comfort is not sufficient.
The desire to get the good stuff is not a sufficient reason for change, it is business as usual.
There must be some need that outweighs my own self importance.

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This may be the ‘flame of discontent’ that has no ‘desire’ to extinguish it?

In this case, the ‘good stuff’ is the ‘meaning of life’.

Accumulation is accumulation, whatever the field of study. (this is my knee jerk reaction)

But if I cared to inquire into the question, I might ask : what is it that determines meaning?

If the first rule of life is “do no harm” - then maybe we are here to Love.

Makes good sense. And the ‘me and mine’ (aka ‘self’) is ‘looking in all the wrong places’?

You’re confused. Is there a problem or not?

To “let go” of it is to be done with it, and that hasn’t happened, so you’re urging us to be more polite, more civil, because we’re not here to do what we normally do, but to question it.

What makes sense is that we have no choice in the matter. If we’re not loving now, what do we know of love?

So desire kills desire by being super-desire?

Is it need or is it desire? Do we know what we need?

There must be some need that outweighs my own self importance.

If we felt that need would we be heading in a direction other than “business as usual”, or would we stop heading, having lost interest in doing, having found being?