Complete Security for the Brain

The brain is secure in the knowledge that knowledge is inadequate and potentially misleading

Doesn’t each individual brain acquire its own peculiar sense of security? Based on its conditioning?

Yes, but it’s a false sense of security.

The only security the brain can have is knowing that the intellect is only as good as its foundation, and since its foundation is fluid, there is no security.

Security is knowing why there is no security

What does ‘security’ mean for the brain? Staying alive? That’s physical. What is psychological security? To not be ‘hurt’, offended, ridiculed, demeaned, etc?

Those seem more a concern of the ‘self image’ rather than the organ itself.

Depends on the brain. Most brains believe in belief, faith, etc. Skeptical brains acknowledge the power of belief because they have their beliefs, how ever reluctantly acknowledged.

But to answer your question, “security” for the brain means, whatever quells its anxiety by restoring or replacing its beliefs.

Isn’t it that once there is the appearance of a self image things take on a psychological importance rather than just physical survival…as in the animals. Then the self image structure determines the desired security?

We’re more concerned about social survival than physical survival.

Then the self image structure determines the desired security?

Everyone seeks their version of security, whether it means joining a group, following a leader, or living like a recluse. We learn how to survive socially, if not thrive.

Yes and the danger as we see it play out around us is as these disparate self images come into contact with one another, there can be violence, not just in the moment but prolonged. If an animal ‘steps on another’s toe’ there can be snarling and then it’s over. With the human self image plus memory the ‘snarling’ can go on for a lifetime!

Doesn’t becoming ‘attached’ to people, places or things undermine the possibility of real security since all can be lost? And the ‘need’ to be attached follows from the presence of this self image which has divided itself off and isolated itself as an ‘individual’?

I think it was Patricia who said the self seeks a permanent state of happiness…when it doesn’t ever come to pass, it becomes discontented. And rather than seeing that discontentment as K puts it, as a “jewel” , the flame of which needs to “burn”, it moves away from it. And looks for more and more ‘secure’ ways to be ‘happy.

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If your head isn’t bitten off before you know it…

With the human self image plus memory the ‘snarling’ can go on for a lifetime!

It’s what we live for, innit? Right/wrong, true/false, good/bad, mine/yours, etc.

Human society is taking sides in Word War until/if one is beyond words.