Can I be nothing a K suggested??

I know that we have handful of people who make comments regularly in this forum . I don’t ask them , but I ask myself, can I possibly be nothing as K meant?

He helps I think by telling you that “you are nothing (not-a-thing)” and that “you don’t exist”.

One can ask oneself (and I did), what happens when I am someone? What then happens in the world (and it is happening) when everyone is someone?
We can see this, cannot we?

It is disorder, Isn’t it?

The image is a bundle created by the society’s value. .
Thought is comparison and we are addicted to it through pleasure. And with pleasure surely goes sorrow and pain.
And that is where we are presently.

Are you doing some sort of analysis?

Why do you want to be ‘nothing’?
Because someone suggested it?

He already said that you are nothing…so trying ‘to be nothing’ just maintains the illusion of being ‘something’. Doesn’t it?

It is a matter of communication. K warned us against slogans. Unfortunately some people in K forums don’t understand the teachings and turn it into meaningless slogans. I am not being personal…