To believe is to lie to myself
To pretend to know what is true when the truth is
That truth can’t be seen through a thicket of beliefs

If I believe I have no beliefs
I is a spider whose web can be seen through
But not abandoned
Until I’ve lost my appetite for deception

It well may be that Nature (or whatever is behind Nature) has only a need for a very small amount of humans that aren’t delusional?
The rest, miserable as we/they may be, serve some unknown purpose?

Demonstrating how confused and deranged we can be?

That may be incidental…we still are ‘transformers: we breathe eat the air the plants the animals and excrete accordingly. We procreate. I’m saying that may be enough for whatever is going on here. I’m saying that Nature (or whatever) may not look upon us as the ‘special’ mammals that we think we are.

What makes us “special” is our confusion and alienation from our animal instincts and sensitivity.

I’m not sure I believe this. Beliefs guide our thoughts whether we like it or not, not just in the major category but in our day to day life. K said “belief has no place where truth is concerned” but if we declare that to be true do we still not believe anything?

The beliefs that are dangerous are the ones that divide and separate us and can result in conflict. Religious, cultural traditions, caste, nationalism, class, race, etc.?

It’s the truth about lying, believe it or not.