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Awareness without direction

Extract from Washington Post article on K.

It seems to come down to this. “Choiceless awareness,” the awareness from moment to moment of exactly what is going on within oneself, not trying to change or direct it but merely observing – that is how a person can change without effort. As Krishnamurti says, “Know yourself, that’s the basis. A very simple idea.”

So conceptually simple, yet difficult and possibly impossible.


Thank you for sharing this. It’s a very nice article, all the core statements are there - no authority, choiceless awareness, the importance of beauty - including the emphasis he gave in his last years to pointing out the shared consciousness of the whole of humanity, “The realization of it, the feeling of it – the feeling in your guts”.

We are the entire humanity, each one of us. Human beings go through every type of depression and anxiety, we share all that, each one shares the entire humanity. It’s not just another idea, it’s a fact. But our conditioning is so strong, and the whole society is based on it, that people think the individual is everything, that you must become someone.

An awareness that covers the whole.

“Choiceless awareness” isn’t “conceptually simple” to a mind that is driven and directed by its conditioning. To such a mind it is inconceivable.