"Analysis is paralysis." K-

Is it not where we are ? We are paralyzed intellectually because of the way we analyze everything endlessly…

Analysis implies paralysis. Analysis being not able to free. Freedom would imply flowering, ending and newness.
Analysis implies division. Analyser separate from analysed. There being no integration. Analyser separate from analysed is the psychological recording. ‘He hurt me’ - the judgement as analysis get’s recorded.
What is the integrated state of being. If there is no division, there is no separation of analyser and analysed, but an integrated flowering. If there is integration, there is no conflict, just the integrated movement. The Non-division itself being not thought. It might be the integrated undivided space in which thought flowers, it is however not thought


I am beginning to think that there is nobody out there to analyze the world with.The reason is because most people are brainwashed by the politicians to resist and oppose order…