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All you want to do is tell me what you know

First of all, can you, as a human being, follow what another says? You understand the question? We need a total change, a deep revolution, psychological revolution, the inward revolution, without which you cannot possibly create a new society. I wonder if you are interested in all this, are you? Eh? No, I am afraid you are not.

Audience: We are.

K: Come off it! You are really interested in being told what you should do, you are really interested to find a safe path, because you have never exercised your own brain to find out how to live rightly. You repeat, and from now on if there is one thing that you can really do is to never repeat what you do not know, never do anything that you don’t understand - you yourself, not your gurus, your saviours, your religious books but what you yourself understand. You know what would happen to you? You would no longer be second-hand human beings. Then you would put aside all the gurus, all the religious books, you would never follow anybody. Because then you would be acting exactly with facts, not with suppositions, not with formulas. Do try it, do do it one day, tomorrow - never to repeat that which you do not understand logically, sanely, never to do something that you yourself have not directly tested. Then you will see that you will be faced with actualities, not with ideals, not with formulas, not with conclusions, but actually with ‘what is’, which is yourself.
Public Talk 1 Bombay (Mumbai), India - 07 February 1971

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All you want to do is tell me what you know.
Why? I mean why is this approach so compelling that one is not questioning their approach? When someone contributes something, it is taken as an affront, and something to react to, and to correct? Someone repeats the standard version of knowledge in regard to a question, not inquiringly, but as an assertion, which is to not understand the question? Why are all these kinds of responses tolerated? Why are we taunting others for an ability to enlighten us, and then complain?

Don’t we have to be aware the internal mechanism, which is interacting with the external, and the external is compromised by the internal? To come up with an informed, knowledgeable approach, is no understanding at all.

You just have to see it for yourself.
“I am asking a question, of you, and I want you respond to me.”
" I want to know".
“I am saying such and such, and I expect this (idea, or concept), to be developed.”
“This stance of mine is not what I am inquiring about, and I don’t see it is relevant.”
“This particular statement is what I want addressed, and what you respond, I think is either offensive, egotistic, or irrelevant.”
“Whoever I am, whatever is self, what is this human nature, I don’t see that is the point. Please answer my own question of my own confusion, and complexity.”