All about loneliness

Why loneliness is considered to be a bad feeling?

It’s self-pity…

Loneliness may be a slight depression and feel uncomfortable at times. Human beings need to be with each other to thrive.

Loneliness is painful. Pain is, for the most part, seen as bad, something to end, fix, get over.

Why is pain seen as bad?

The ‘jewel’ of loneliness?

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Is the fact of loneliness painful or the image that we have about loneliness which is created by thought is painful?

Yes , loneliness is a mental illness.

Does thought create the pain of loneliness or the pain of loneliness creates thought?

Because it demands relief that may not be forthcoming; it’s stressful.

Why did you post the question if you had the answer?

Why do you believe loneliness is a mental illness?

The answer is not important.

If depression is not a mental illness then what is mental illness?

Have you concluded that loneliness is depression?

We humans are social animals, we need contact with other individuals and groups. This is a deep need, very strong. It might be that if that need is not met (loneliness), pain results, image or not.

You may be in a crowd and yet feel lonely and separate.

Are you prejudice about the word “conclusion” and why? Something krishnamurti said somewhere!?

Yes, different people have different social needs and react differently to social situations. One person might feel lonely in a crowd, another might feel surrounded by love. Who knows, maybe there are some people who enjoy loneliness?

Maybe the primitive man was social animals . Today everybody is conditioned to work for him or herself or his family or her family.

Why do you assume that loneliness is mental illness?

Loneliness is a mental illness. A healthy mind doesn’t feel separated because he is the world and the world is him.