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I am aggressive .
Not all the time but some situation make it that i get aggresive .
The last one is with Sister and Mom .
It came up while we were meting eac other .
I was tould to stop. I could not .
I felt shame to be so bad but could not stop .
My feeling had to come out as loud as i am able . aggressive .

I was thinking after , but can not see the cause of my anger .
There were many words and meanings i do not acept .
but why did i turn so angry ?
So i can not tell to my opposite what happend .
I can not be sorry about it .
I am not understod in that situation an now it is more bad then bevore .

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I want is conflict.

What am I, other than the center for my desire?

When I came home to live with my parents for a while, at age 28, I was surprised, and sad to find that I still acted like an angry teenager with my mom.
But I was cured of this angry habit when a therapist told me to write 3 letters to my mother (unfortunately I can’t remember what type of letters they were - something like one as if I was still a child, one as if I was older etc something like that) and then burn them - it was a kind of silly psychological magic - but it worked.

I wanted some warmness , some care.
But the talk was cold and there was pressure
and a kind of “telling” me what to do .
No listening , just control.
My Words are interpreting that feeling i remember .
So my agression had the force to stop that meeting on the phone.
In that moment i could not talk like i do now .
I was not sure about all the action going on, and still i am not .

Sounds all very painful, @hermann and you are not alone with these conflicts. It is our responsibility as conditioned people to do the work of unconditioning.

Can you stay with anger when it arises? There is no explaining, just facing the fact of anger. Be curious to observe what anger is. It might be painful, it might be lonely, it might be non-eventful. When it is there, that’s life, that is you.

If you frequently get angry over little things you may consider anger management classes . There you see other people who have the same problem. It is a serious issue because anger can destroy friendship .

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Managing anger is treating the symptom without addressing the root cause, but it’s what most people would rather do because they’re less interested in anger, per se, than in feeling better about themselves.

Nothing wrong with treating the symptoms if they are debilitating - ie. a burden to the situation at hand.


Of course, but this is a Krishnamurti forum - not a therapy forum.

Is krishnamurti forum a place to criticize the teachings and those who love it?!

Can you provide an example of someone criticizing the teachings?

Behaviour speaks loader than words. Examples are cheap and misleading.

Can you provide an example of this “behavior” you speak of?

If not, who’s being evasive?

I don’t have time to look up your posts. In there you said krishnamurti repeats himself in all of his talks which is an obvious false.

If someone says that K’s talks cover all the same ground, do you hear that as criticism?

The next time you make an accusation, make sure you have the evidence to substantiate it.

No,you said krishnamurti “repeats”. No he doesn’t repeat the same thing over and over.

With all due respect, you’re in denial.

Is Aggression a Force i can scale ? Somthing i learned to use .
Someone told me how to be agressive by be aggressive to me .
Fighting against others . Defending or Dominate .
Is it Cultural competence to fight back ?

Aggression is intrusion into another’s space, outwardly or inwardly .
Yes society encourages aggression through propagandas.

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