What is my relationship with actuality? If I’m a part of what’s happening, I’m playing a part, negotiating with actuality in a way I can abide. Quite often, my part isn’t always known until it’s too late and I have to live with the consequences, for better or worse.

My inability to see how interdependent everything is compels me to form opinions and theories about what I’m looking at without comprehension. I can’t actually see, but I can believe what I choose to believe about what I’m looking at.

I am my adaptation to my society, a public display of how little I know and how much I endure. We are all open books that no one wants to read until necessary. We’re too self-centered to find out who we are, and anyway, we’ve made ourselves comfortable, so what more is there?

Kidding aside, isn’t I God, the One who decides what this human does or does not? Isn’t I the Only One who can say what this human must do or not do? If I can’t make momentous decisions and draw stark conclusions, can I return to what I was before being crowned by Hubris?

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