A Stranger To Itself

The psychologically conditioned brain is barely aware of what it is doing because the human brain has been doing it for so long that it’s the norm, what every other human brain is doing. One is going along to get along, or striving to succeed and distinguish oneself in human society. But because most humans struggle to get by and only a few succeed or achieve distinction, most humans are anxious, miserable, and struggling to be happy and content or fighting for and demanding fairness and justice. This hasn’t changed for millenia and seems likely to continue until our species brings about our extinction.

But when the brain awakens to this self-evident fact and begins the inquiry that is self-knowledge, nothing matters more than awareness of what it is doing every moment because its tendency has been to ignore what it’s actually doing in favor of presuming to know what it should and shouldn’t be doing. In other words, the brain has used thought to draw the conclusion that it can determine what its next move should or should not be without attending as closely to the process of persuasion it practices unconsciously.

As long as the brain thinks continuously it can never know what to do because thinking is all it knows. But as soon as the brain realizes this, its relationship with thought changes from total dependence on thought to awareness of thought’s every move.

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