What is this obsession that we have about sex?

When the self is not, everything finds its place, for a tiny moment, until the self is back;
Obviously !

Why do you believe boredom is the cause of the human brain’s disorderly operation?

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If you have tiny moments of feeling that “everything finds its place”, how can you be sure that’s what is actually happening and not just the brain presenting its current version of “everything in its place” so you can feel confident that you know how out of place everything is?

If we’re living in a world where everything is out of its place, and we need to be constantly reminded how out of place everything is, would it be because we have moved things around to conform to our notions of where everything should be instead of just living with things where they were before we decided where they should be?

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Wouldn’t any respectable God do the same?:innocent:

When the self is not means:
-there is no moving away from what is
-there is no becoming
-there is no condemnation, or grasping of the what is

Things are in there right place means:
-things are seen in their own, natural place, in the moment of observation
-Ex: if there is addiction, then addiction is faced without the interference of the self which means “addiction” is a fact and stays “sill” to be seen, and does not become an “idea”

When things fall into the right place indicates that there is an observation without an observer
The right place is not a choice made apriori, (a pre-judgment), it occurs when the thing seen is a fact.
Facts are in the right place.

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Thank you, Inquiry, for asking. I would not say that boredom is the cause of the “human brain’s disorderly operation” because I do not know enough about the operations of the human brain, or of any brain for that matter, to say thus. But consider this, and please bear with me. Imagine two individuals doing the same activity, one is doing the activity for pleasure, that is, motivated by desire; the other is doing the activity as if it were a duty to something external to itself, that is, motivated by a sense of responsibility. So, the one motivated by desire is not free because it is conditioned and acts motivated by its own conditioning; the other one is free because its motivation is not a conditioning, it acts motivated by something external to itself. So, what does desire have that responsibility lacks? Transformation does not eradicate desire, it converts it into responsibility, and it does so by eradicating boredom. Now, how does boredom operate? My understanding is that boredom is a human condition that is either at rest while one is lost in distraction or lighting up desire for something more interesting when what was interesting no longer is; thus, boredom is like the catalyst that starts up the mechanical process of desire.

Are you saying that you, the conditioned brain, is disordering, misplacing everything, and is occasionally reminded of what it is doing with glimpses of what order would look like?

Desire is caused by boredom?

boredom is like the catalyst that starts up the mechanical process of desire.

So boredom leads to desire which leads to fear which leads to escape which results in boredom and around it goes?

Don’t know what you mean. What would “any respectable God do”?

we have moved things around to conform to our notions of where everything should be instead of just living with things where they were before we decided where they should be?

( Hard not to take ourselves a bit like gods when we look around and see who we’re living with?) :duck::turtle::kangaroo::poodle::skunk::gorilla::orangutan::innocent:

Those who take an interest in and study other earthly beings find out that they are all more intelligent than we are, so it’s only those humans who arrogantly assume we are more intelligent that are the least intelligent.

I do not know what is order in the mind; order in the mind means to me that order has already taken place in the brain, has already changed the brain. Not my case.
What I do see, quite easily, during the day, is how thought gives direction to my actions, making thought the dictator of action, which down the road… is going to create disorder.


  • it occurs to me it is worth asking what is action when action is initiated by thought, when thought comes first and action follows ?

Is it the “endless” BECOMING - which leads to no change…?!

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What happens when all of my actions in the daily life is based on thought?
I have to pay my bills on time. Thought has to operate there . But when I demand to have the same experience that I had yesterday again conflict begins.

Thought as a means of communication comes from space or silence without thinker. It is like action without doer, without self. It operates without conflict or division.
Like someone asks your name and you say it, there is no division, no conflict.
Self or thinker always has division in it.

There can be use of thought by space or freedom of awareness which is without division.

It is not choice of thinker. To such a person who operates without self, thinker, psychological choice as becoming, thought comes but there is no thinker as choice. Action happens

I don’t quite understand your comment.

When we say thinker is unnatural, it means psychological conflict is unnatural. Division is unnatural. It is not fact of nature. You were not born with sense of me. It is a wrong unnatural turn on account of choice or conditioning.

I was talking to a doctor the other day. For doctor, human body is human body. He or she doesn’t make distinction of American or Russian body. All human bodies are similar. There is no division in mind of doctor when they operate irrespective of patient being American or Russian, Christian or Hindu.

Nature points to fact that there is no division in it, the identity created as me vs. you, American vs. Russian is illusion.

Of course there are differences. You might be younger, I am older, you speak certain languages, I speak other languages. Difference is not division.

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I don’t know about that and I live with and am interested in “other earthly beings” on a daily basis. I feed them and see that they have fresh water…etc. Yet after decades, they still flee when I approach to fill the feeders. What sort of intelligence is that? It’s not ‘intelligence’ , it’s wired in ‘instinct’.

Also I can do the ‘Macarena’ and they can’t !:man_dancing::dancer:t4:

It may be that living things that have been here much longer than humans know what monsters we are.

Time for your favourite mantra: ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’!

Or just have more sex.