What is the Nature of Choice?

I apologise if this sounds a bit melodramatic (I certainly feel emotional about it) but becoming a father was a huge turning point for me - in terms of accepting full responsibility for suffering in this world.

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Can I see anything clearly if I “want to do the right thing”?

Can I see clearly when I have some notion of what is right and I have a standing desire to do it?

Could it be that only clarity is “right” because it is a light (to the brain, “oneself”)?

Could it be that there is no wanting to do the right thing - just more or less light, greater clarity?

Surely not - especially if I already know what the right thing is. - which is why one differentiates between “responsibility for” (some outcome) and accepting full responsibility (for what I is).

More from the video: " K : So let’s come back to this, sir, which is what is the responsibility of a human being - who feels this sense - in relationship? Because relationship is life, relationship is the foundation of existence. Relationship is absolutely necessary, otherwise you can’t exist. Relationship means co-operation. Everything is involved in that one word. Relation means love, generosity, and, you know, all that’s implied. Now, what is a human responsibility in relationship?

Compassion for the I in you? (and me)

I accept this, and I feel that this is an essential factor in its own right.

But I still don’t see how it is directly relevant to the thread topic of choice? Maybe I’m being too narrow-minded, but I think the issues of love, generosity, co-operation and responsibility in relationship demands its own thread.

I can appreciate your wanting to drill down on choice, but the thread was started as a response to the Saturday Dialogue and the video @jmelo posted earlier. HIs thread didn’t allow a post from me, so I started this one. My comments are K quotes from the video (using the transcript feature, of course, while listening). You may consider participating in the dialogue tomorrow.

What does our inquiry into Choice have to do with Relationship & Responsibility?

Seeing the whole picture of Self and its choices, brings into focus the unity of the whole?

(or is it the other way round?)

Yes, theoretically, but actually, the conditioned brain cannot see “the whole picture”.

Maybe I shoudn’t say “the whole picture” - maybe seeing the basic mechanics, the bare bones (and the implications), of suffering are better terms.
As in understanding a basic model of arithmetic is sufficient to be able to add and substract with all the numbers that are thrown at us. - I might not have the whole picture (whatever that might be)

I mean the basic model of suffering must be clear to us.

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Responsibility for the I.

Care for all our relationships via awareness of the movement of self. Always being on the lookout for the pain and conflict that I bring to each relationship.

What is the nature of choice?
Physically choice is from knowledge and intelligence.
Psychologically means what? The movement of the psyche ?

Choice is thought.
Physical action comes from perception.
Physical thought comes from emptiness or silence.
Someone asks where is the post office. The answer comes from silence.
If someone abuses you verbally, thought reacts.

So physical action or physical knowledge does not need thought or thinker. It needs silence. Learning mind is silent listening mind. Without some sense of silence you will not be able to work, learn or act.