What is the basis of anger?

Stand with my idea of nothingness? Stand as some mysterious spiritual whotsit?
Many of us confused humans might want to - if we really really believed it was an A number 1 accomplishment. Its what we always want, (due to our habitual process of always wanting on the authority of what we know)

In which case we just need to find out how to get from the imagined here to the imagined there :crazy_face:

This is a different question - and we might also ask what (are the conditions that) might provoke such seriousness?
K speaks of “tremendous energy” - which always sounds mysterious and mystical to me - but we could also see it as the tremendous energy of the whole universe in movement. (aka causes and conditions)

Yes, but it’s just a story, and it’s constantly being revised according to new understandings.

I know I’m just my story of myself, so how seriously can I take my self? My story of me may be all I have, but it’s just distraction, and I don’t need distraction, do I?

Whatever you want to refer to it as, nothingness or not-story or truth or the unnameable, we don’t seem interested and passionate about being/manifesting this. We want our stories! We ARE our stories, what would we be without them?

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From what is your story of you a distraction?

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True. (and I don’t know - but there is the story of non-separation from the whole and freedom from suffering)

Also : Freedom from the self is just a silly idea if we see no reason why one would consider such a thing. (and swapping my imperfect reality for some weird possibly potential future is always a bad choice)

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People get skilled at optimizing their life experience: minimizing the negative, maximizing the positive. Feeling good about life usually involves feeling secure, safe, stable. Transformational wisdom often suggests we rock our boat, which threatens our security, safety, stability. It’s not surprising this is difficult, perhaps nigh onto impossible for most people. Maybe it’s easier for people who are introduced to alternate ways of seeing/being early in life?

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The mother, the child, the dreamer, the factory worker, hoping, struggling, laughing.

Swept along by the torrent bubbling in their hearts and minds

Til it ends - as suddenly as it began - to be played out again somewhere else

Again and again - until one day Love looks out through our eyes

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May well be the process cannot be rushed. Love takes time. (No offense, Jiddu.)

But that’s not a story - it’s beyond what we know, unimaginable. All we know is our misery, our “contentment”, and all we can do is try to make it better. That’s the cramped little world we inhabit.

Whether you’re playing defense for contentment or Devil’s advocate, I don’t know. Maybe we need to hear the voice of contentment.

The only reason for considering “freedom from the self” is that being two doesn’t make one whole, and wholeness, oneness, has no opposite, so why carry on with confusion and conflict?

You seem to have jumped out of one story and straight into another. To live without a story is only viewed as nothingness by those who are still caught up in story-telling.

As a story, love takes time. What is love when there is no story at all attached to it?

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You did the same thing when you said:

To live without a story is only viewed as nothingness by those who are still caught up in story-telling.

Our stories run deep. Does anything run deeper?

Sorry @Inquiry this is actually a response to @rickScott (I messed up - started out reacting to your “thats not a story” comment, then gave up)

If we cannot say that “A is equal to A” is a simple undeniable fact, rather than just one of many stories, then why should we care what anyone says?
Is “A equals A” just as valid (ie. true) as saying “the apple in my pocket is a neutron star that I ate earlier”?

Mahesh might mean that “someone who believes the story he believes about Nothingness is a true story, believes that the story he believes about nothingness is a true story”

This is like A equals A. (which I find refreshing coming from Mahesh)

Yes to the first bit - Love under duress is deemed illogical by the Geneva convention :unicorn: :grinning:
But have we grokked why the specialists in their field (like K or Huineng) keep insisting on no progress, no path, or sudden rather than gradual awakening?
Lets put aside the possibility that they are cheekily trying to mislead us, or are mistaken themselves for the moment.

In my level, if I’m not in peace, I can’t awake. When having violent in me, it’s like the river overflow its bank. So I find the best way to “prevent” violent is aware of the first thought.

Krishnamurti viewed life without story as nothing(ness). Was he caught up in storytelling?

“The ending of the movement which is the psyche, which is time-thought, the ending of that is to be nothing. Nothing then contains the whole universe – not my petty little fears, anxieties, problems, sorrow. After all, nothing means the entire world of compassion.” – Krishnamurti

I’m fine with this, but it wasn’t what I thought Mahesh meant, I thought he stated a clear fact “You seem to have jumped out of one story … into another” and then spun a speculative story "To live without a story is … "

If he mistook the word for the thing. If he viewed the world through the lens of some story - then yes.
But we can tell a story to communicate a point, as a teaching, without mistaking descriptions for fundamental truths.

This story can also be seen as simple A = A type facts :
1)When there is no movement of me, then there is no me.
2)When there is no me, there is no separation between me and x
3)No barrier between you and me - is Love - is embracing your passion

My story is all about me and what I wanted, succeeded or failed to achieve, and what I think I learned from my existence. But it’s all a story I tell myself because I chose fiction over fact to be my way of life. Maybe I was conditioned by all the those bedtime stories I grew up with.

Living honestly is having no story to tell because my life will tell my story…it’s out my my hands.

If I think I know what I’m doing, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I can only know what I’m doing by knowing virtually nothing until I am choicelessly doing what I can’t help doing.

How many levels are there? I like the teaching of only 2 levels : clarity/freedom/awake and confusion/conflict/delusion.
When I am not, peace is. When I am not, where is delusion?
Does the I awaken? or is there just freedom from the I? Seeing the whole movement of I? Psychological death?

The movement of I is violence. The purpose of I is to be at odds with the ending of I.

Prevention is a form of violence - Love is the only answer to I.

Can anyone who is admittedly self-centered know what love is?

Love is no I

So I suppose the answer is no.