What is self knowledge (according to K)?

I can go to JK site and see what he said . But I want to live with the question for a while.
Knowledge about the self! Is self actual or is it an illusion made by thought for comfort?

The stored memories and the observed thoughts, desires, reactions etc., we label self knowledge or self learning; without evidence we assume a self exists. It’s implicit in the language. This observation doesn’t offer a glimpse into “self existence”, rather only the fact that one thought or feeling follows another. The inference is that this is a movement of a self that thinks and feels and acts. So the actuality of a self, other than a continuity of various reactions etc., is a simpler question which might be better looked at without assumptions of what we are looking for or what we are looking at.

We can’t see the self but we can see the effects of it. Greed or envy or attachment are the expression of the self being concerned by itself. So self-knowledge is the awareness of greed or fear or attachment and so on at the moment that it happens.
Self awareness frees the mind from the illusion of the self.

What makes you conclude there is a self if all you have seen is:

Nothing makes me to conclude . If you don’t observe yourself how would you know anything about yourself?



“Know then thyself, presume not God to scan,”
“The proper study of mankind is man” [Alexander Pope An Essay on Man]
“Only within yourself exists that other reality for which you long” [Herman Hesse Steppenwolf]
“All our knowledge is, our selves to know” [Alexander Pope An Essay on Man]
“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be oneself” [Montaigne Essais]

Self-knowledge is the most important knowledge because if the self is illusory and one believes it is actual, one is self-deceiving, no matter how knowledgeable about everything else one may be.

If the self is real and one believes it is an illusion then the outcome must be disastrous.

The self is real…in the mind of the believer.

Why be so concerned with others? It seems to be a distraction away from oneself. If the world is an illusion then yourself is an illusion.