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We are all confused in this world

Can we start from the fact of what we are instead of the ideal situation?

It would seem appropriate to first see what I am/is before considering an inquiry into we.

“we” is a matter of speech but confusion in the world is actual isn’t it ?

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Confusion is also merely a matter of speech if one does not see it in oneself. We are so hasty to analyze and point fingers outwards without accepting that the observed is the observer.

One is the world and the world is oneself. Why separate the two and only look at others where as the other is you with only superficial differences.


I think everyone here accepts it and can explain it, but…

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That’s just it! We accept it, we can explain it intellectually, yet the way we communicate with each other is petty word-smiting and questioning the person, not the what is being said.

Quite often it’s the person that needs to be questioned because they repeat something K said as if it is as true for them as it was for Krishnamurti. If reminding someone of this is “petty word-smiting” to you, keep in mind that knowledge of the teaching is worthless if it doesn’t awaken one to the need for self-knowledge.

There is the fallacy of the thinker being different than his thought. A republican is not different than his thinking or a Muslim or Christian is not different than what they think they are. The way you think is what you are ,no more tricks…

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