The future is now

It’s unacceptable why? Because of fear, right? We are frightened and respond blindly from conditioning with ‘routine nonsense’? Not sure how you’re using the word ‘duty’.

Doing the right thing ? - which could mean according to society’s dictats (which is always a good thing if you ask me - when in Rome and all that) or any other authority (inner of outer)

Just to be clear, “the seeing of the inner fact” is awareness itself. Isn’t it? It is not the “consequence” of awareness, as I see it. That is to say, there isn’t awareness first, followed by seeing the inner fact. Awareness may not be immediate understanding but there can be no understanding without awareness. This also doesn’t mean that there is awareness first, then understanding. Intelligence, awareness, understanding, love - all are in the realm of non-verbalization, as I see it. So they cannot be broken down and measured verbally, intellectually. The intellect (memory, knowledge, verbalization, reasoning, etc.) can know ITSELF. It cannot know what is beyond itself. But by knowing itself, it understands its limitations, as I see it. It sees that it is limited to the known, time, measuring, comparing, analyzing, and so on - which are beautiful qualities. And beyond the known (itself), it sees that there is love, intelligence, awareness, understanding, and so on. It knows that these are beyond itself because it is incapable of producing them. What is beyond the known cannot be measured. One cannot say “awareness begins here, then understanding takes over, then intelligence, then love, beauty, and so on.”

Isn’t it discontent? Didn’t K point out that the flame of discontent lights the way, and isn’t it seen to be so?
"What is important is to be wholly discontented, for such total discontent is the beginning of the initiative which becomes creative as it matures; and that is the only way to find out what is truth, what is God, because the creative state is God.

So one must have this total discontent - but with joy. Do you understand? One must be wholly discontented, not complainingly, but with joy, with gaiety, with love. Most people who are discontented are terrible bores; they are always complaining that something or other is not right, or wishing they were in a better position, or wanting circumstances to be different, because their discontent is very superficial. And those who are not discontented at all are already dead.

If you can be in revolt while you are young, and as you grow older keep your discontent alive with the vitality of joy and great affection, then that flame of discontent will have an extraordinary significance because it will build, it will create, it will bring new things into being. For this you must have the right kind of education, which is not the kind that merely prepares you to get a job or to climb the ladder of success, but the education that helps you to think and gives you space - space, not in the form of a larger bedroom or a higher roof, but space for your mind to grow so that it is not bound by any belief, by any fear."


It’s our human tragedy, isn’t it. The mind has been moulded in such a way that the intellect leads the charge, the intellect, as the self, dominates.

I’d just like to quibble about this point:

Know itself as in establish a theory of, shored up with more or less reasonably constructed arguments.

As was said many times on the old knet forum: without suffering, it will be ‘business as usual’. In other words…pursuit of pleasure, fun, excitement, entertainment, acquisition, and all our usual pursuits. I’m not condemning this. I have many friends and family members who are very well off financially, and this is their life…a life in pursuit of fulfillment…satisfaction. My dear grandmother lived up to the age of 92. She felt she had had a good life…though she suffered too, like we all do, with loneliness, etc. But when she was young, it was a life centered around pleasure…dining out in good restaurants, vacations, nice clothes, appreciation of beautiful things…beautiful surroundings…but nothing deeper than sensual fulfillment…and psychological security brought by wealth and a very comfortable lifestyle.