The dark side

First, assure that your actual power base (supporters, guns, money etc) is capable of holding its own against the rest of the world. (this may not always be possible)

Unfortunately for the alpha dominator, humans are able to communicate and cooperate - the beta dominators accept compromise for a minimum of personal security.

I feel this issue (‘We are the world’) deserves its own thread - which I hope does not detract from the ‘dark side’ enquiry going on here.

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It depends of course on what is meant by “surrender”, but do we not see examples of this going on all the time in the world? - leading to murder, rape, terrorism, violence, bloodshed, etc?

Or perhaps by “surrender” do you mean instead a nonjudgemental awareness of our selfishness, greed, aggression, hate, envy, jealousy, etc?

Seeing darkness flower in your mind is not the same as seeing it flower in the world. (Or is it?)

As with the word “surrender” so with the word “flowering”: it depends what one means.

For Krishnamurti the word “flowering” signifies the nonjudgemental watching of a reaction in consciousness - such as hurt, or fear or jealousy - so that it shows its whole movement, its whole story, reveals all its content.

This is not the same thing as acting out the reaction (or its opposite, suppressing the reaction) - which is what one generally sees in the world.

The dark side of language is revealing itself!

It still isn’t clear to me what you’re calling the dark side.

Is it the brain’s thoughts and actions it is hiding, denying, or justifying to maintain self-respect, self-esteem?

If this practice of hiding has been going on since the beginning of its psychological conditioning, isn’t illumination what’s needed rather than exploration? Is exploration possible without light? Does the PC brain not know that what it chooses to do is invariably self-serving, and that illumination occurs only during the lapses between one intentional, deliberate act and the next?

It may be that with every lapse between self-centered thoughts there is enough light to remind the brain that it is operating in darkness, and that with every reminder there is a growing awareness of its condition. One might surmise that eventually the benighted brain would have no choice but to acknowledge the error of its way, and the harm of maintaining the status quo.

Aha, okay let me try to explain. Actually, I’ll let GPT take the mic:

The “dark side of human nature” refers to the aspects of human behavior and characteristics that are considered negative, harmful, or morally objectionable. It encompasses the potential for cruelty, violence, selfishness, greed, dishonesty, and other destructive tendencies that individuals may exhibit. The concept suggests that, alongside positive and benevolent qualities, humans also have a capacity for actions and behaviors that can cause harm to themselves or others.

Does the brain hide (deny, justify) these qualities from itself? I’d think so, to a greater or lesser extent depending upon the individual. Does the hiding do harm to the individual and the world? I think there is a good chance it does. And for that reason I suggested we have a look at it.

In the sense that we blame ourselves and others for our and their transgressions? We are conditioned to believe that we are one, not fragmented and that we are ‘individuals’ in control. Especially as concerns our ‘sex drive’?

Thanks for the GPT answer.

Does the hiding do harm to the individual and the world? I think there is a good chance it does. And for that reason I suggested we have a look at it.

And I’m suggesting that the brain that is hiding content from itself cannot choose to “have a look at it”. It isn’t as if I know where the closet full of skeletons is and I can gain entry to it, but that I’m living in darkness to begin with, and only light will expose this content - not my intention to bring it to light.


Now, I have a question here. When it is said as Dark side, does it have to be only psych oriented like Greed,etc., or physical too?
Physical Like diseases, Natural Disaster, Economic survival techniques by threatening others or by causing opportunity loss or living secured based on the unsecured daily life’s of people on other side, darkness in any action even though looks beautiful, etc.?

I agree the brain hides things from itself, but think that some of these things can be revealed. That’s what I’d like to have happen in the thread.

When I made the thread I was thinking the dark side of human nature. But if you want to bring in other forms darkness might take, sure, I encourage you to do it!

Nope. Let us stick to the dark side of human nature.

And, this Greed,etc., thing is there in Animal creeds too. Shall we skip that too and only take what is related to Humans, like Beliefs,etc., or include the Greed,etc. which are in Animals too?

Whatever proves interesting and edifying to explore: human, animal, theory, practice. Good?


Dark side, here we come and gonna light you up.

Will the light illuminate or dispel the darkness?

I don’t know, but I feel it can surely bring an understanding of such darkness.

The ‘darkness’ is you, it has always been you.

Like the “You are the world”?