The created

We choose belief over choiceless awareness because we choose to tell ourselves what’s happening instead of allowing what’s happening to inform us. In other words, we give greater authority to words and images than to the phenomena that words and images represent.

I don’t know what I know until I’ve articulated it, that is, knowledge is what I’ve learned (the past) - and knowing is learning (now). But I desire the light of literality to be on all the time rather than when appropriate, so I’m constantly telling myself what’s happening instead of patiently letting what’s happening tell me.

The brain can respond intelligently to what’s happening before it can express, in so many words and images, what happened. But when burdened with the belief that it must literally know what’s happening as it happens, the brain has to be constantly telling itself a story instead of being completely attentive.

Creativity cannot arise under the influence of the created.

Action from the known, from motive, from fear is merely the movement of suffering - it can only create more of itself, in the form of reinforced knowledge and thus validated motive/fear.

The idea of the enlightened being, as imagined by someone under the influence of hope and fear, is just an image of wishful suffering.

We wish to be free of cause and effect, thus we keep rolling the cause to the top of the hill.