The Content of Consciousness

How much of the contents of consciousness is disposable when much of that content has practical value, is essential? If the brain can’t discern the difference between what information it needs and does not need, it’s stuck with a mess of content that generates self-perpetuating confusion.

What’s a brain to do when it hasn’t the intelligence to bring itself to order? Where is intelligence when you need it?


Sounding a bit like a ‘victim’ here?

I can’t stop the incessant stream of consciousness that I am. What does that make me?

To whom does one complain about what no one can do?

One can discover the way it’s manifesting itself in the QOTD:

" I know this is very difficult to understand, sirs, because for most of us life is based on experience. We move from experience to experience, and each experience, gathered as memory, shapes and conditions all further experience. But I am suggesting that there is a state of mind in which action is entire. There is then no idea apart from action; there is no approximation of action to an idea. If you really begin to inquire into that state of intelligence, you will discover for yourself the astonishing fullness, the entirety, the altogetherness of a mind that has no past, no future; and from that state, action is inevitable. Then living itself is action, and in such action there is no contradiction, but an extraordinary sense of bliss, a quietude which cannot be repeated, which is not to be imitated or learnt from another. It comes darkly, mysteriously, without your asking for it. It comes only when you have gone into yourself very deeply and have torn away the roots of all your conventions, customs, habits, methods, ideals and superstitions. Then you will find there is love; and with that love there is no evil, neither is there the good, for both are bondages. It is only love that is free.

Bombay 2nd Public Talk 27th December 1959"


Can anyone clarify this for me?

ChatGPT said:

Krishnamurti meant that there is a state of mind in which action is complete, whole, and not separated from the idea. In this state, the action is not based on an idea or approximation of an idea, but rather emerges from a clear perception of the present moment. It is a state of mind in which there is no division between the actor and the action, and where action flows naturally from a state of awareness, attention, and insight.

I wonder whether ChatGPT ever met Krishnamurti in person? Sounds like it. :wink:

There’s no me as actor, doer, only the action?

State of mind:

Relevant for Psychological Knowledge only. Knowledge( carepntory, skills, etc) for living is necessary.
A mind is free from past record and hence has not future projection.
A mind is of full attention.
A mind is completely aware of the presnet.
A mind that uses all its faculty of sensory organs in cohesion.

Actions is entire:

An action of free mind is never based on record of past and projection of future.
An action has no traces of earlier knowledge and memories.
An action that is not dependent on “Ideas”, as ideas are product of thought and time (past, future).
The action is wholistic, meaning based on “what is, NOT based on what it should be or shouldn’t be”, based on observation of truth revealing itself, having no split attention.
Again applicable in psycological space.
It is also relevant in physical space, becuase it hepls in creativity or may traslate into orginal.

There is no idea apart from action:

Meaning you act and then learn then act and then learn without intervention thought and time( past and future).
Like a new born baby looks at the surrounding each time without the burden of past and past projected into future.
Like street dog watching anything as if it is seeing for first time, only with learning, in absence of thought and time.

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From stand point of Psychological Knowledge that takes place in Human Relationships.
Functional Knowledge ( Physical Knowledge is necessary and not to be disposed of).

Brain has property to record the experience. Which becomes memory, becomes knowledge, from knowledge thought originates. And that Thought introduces time ( past, past projecting into future). Brian does not have function to decide what is to store and what is not to store.

To record or not record in brain is outcome of state of mind. State of mind being living in present, being aware, being attentive, etc, as long as actions which are based on " no past, no thought and time, no future" such a mind never indulges in recording of the experiences. It is learning, action and learning no scope for record.

All that memory and knowledge in brain created by intervetion of Thought and Time, is disposable. As such contents of the brain are not disposable by any external actions, except being aware and living in the present. The brain itself cannot dispose the contents, they can only be left untouched, when one is free from known.

The intelligence comes into existence when there no division between observer and observed, the direct contact with the truth, application of free mind. The highest form on intelligence is love (JK).

The content of consciousness comprises all the experience, memory, knowledge, derived from daily living from ones wakeup to sleep, and also processing of days knowledge in during sleep.

A reminder of this would indicate vanity on the part of the experencer and thus indicate an incomplete action

ChatGPT made it clear.

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