The Believing Brain

I am responding not to encourage either of us to defend our views, rather to set the record straight. I did not argue that the brain is not as important as Krishnamurti said it is. I pointed out there are people in various fields who disagree about the relationship between brain activity and different forms of mentation including emotions, content of consciousness, and conditioning. I opened the exploration to go beyond Krishnamurti, but when Inquiry said he found that inappropriate, I agreed to stop. This is a good opportunity for us to see our motivations.

…and since I and others who frequent this forum can’t seem to go “beyond Krishnamurti”, I wonder why howlin’ wolf rickScott who apparently has gone beyond Krishnamurti, would encourage us to do the same.

Howlin’ wolf man!!! I love it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooooo!

I have been making an effort to stay with Krishnamurti since Dev shared his forum vision with us. Witness the Teachings of Krishnamurti set of five threads I’ve been working on, they are attempts to get at the essence of Krishnamurti. (Interestingly there has been little to no participation in the threads, which seems strange for a Krishnamurti-centered forum.)

By ‘beyond Krishnamurti’ I mean ‘outside of’ not ‘higher than.’ his views. It’s an unfortunate choice of words, that’s all, no hierarchy of truth intended.

Yes, I understand, but Krishnamurti gave greater importance to self-knowledge than to any other kind of knowledge; to losing beliefs and biases (psychological content) rather than acquiring and accumulating more stuff.

Good point, simplify and let go rather than complicate and hold on.