The art of not getting hurt

Thought has created a psychological structure which we call ‘you’, ‘me’. If that is true, then you can get the answer to your question by posing it to yourself as “why Is it necessary for me to continue?” What is your answer to that question?

I don’t think that we can get to the truth of the matter by substituting one word for another. Thought is the response of memory to a challenge. The “me” is the accumulation of experience and knowledge. Is there a “me” without thinking? The “me” is continuity.

Not the me that we ‘feel’ that we are. Thought has a ‘continuity’ and according to K, has created a ‘thinker’ that actually doesn’t exist. There is no ‘me’ behind one’s thoughts. They arise as if ‘through a trap door ‘! Watch them. There is no ‘watcher’ but they can be watched!

One has a pleasant experience for example seeing a beautiful sunset . Thought comes in and says I am going to have this pleasant experience tomorrow. So continuity is created by thinking about the pleasurable experience and wanting more.

Yes and thought’s desire to have this ‘pleasure’ imagines a future time that actually doesn’t exist when it will once again have this pleasant experience.

But the original seeing of the sunset is not ‘pleasant’ , that comes after when Thought says to itself “isn’t that beautiful!”

We are conditioned to think that if we don’t want “more” in life we stagnate. Society creates the images that we have about ourselves and others. We are the product of the society and society is the product of us. Complicated thing to understand.