Speaking Freely

That’s what I am asking.

I don’t know - whether it is different from it or not.

But - In my view - if we are free from ‘sufferings,etc…’ - that is whole ‘I’ - we may see it (whether it is different or not).

No, not the thoughtful evaluation, what does it look like, when looking at awareness deeper than thought? I was talking about meditating, and a quiet stillness, where the mindful sensations are not verbal, not words, ideas, memories, etc.

Below I shared my ‘view’ - but please don’t create it as an ‘image/belief/statement’.

The Awareness (i.e. choice-less awareness in K’s words) is the only thing is present in this psychological world from our birth. But it has a quality of thought - to seek pleasure from whatever it feels through senses - because of it’s own ignorance. So this thought - goes on differentiating itself from ‘Awareness’ and creates the ‘I’ from our childhood to death. Now only thing remains as thought knows is the ‘I’ (i.e. Memories,knowledge,experience,pleasure,pain,etc).

Now the thought can’t see/feel this ‘awareness’ as it is fully covered by the ‘I’.

So there is only one. No two to differentiate. And if we differentiate - it is because of our ignorance. Awareness (that one) neither can look itself nor can see the thought (which is it’s quality)

What about the seeing, watching, looking, whatever it is called, with a sense of integration, when there is no separateness, no naming, no thing? Haven’t you ever seen this?

So to look what? - what is there to look, not in physical, but in psych?

See- it’s like an infinite ocean with tides,waves. The waves rise as thoughts - and it becomes aware of itself - in that choice-less awareness. Then what remains is - the calm ocean.

There is nothing to differentiate - and nothing to look

The deeper awareness of the mind.

No differentiating from mind and awareness happens - when the ‘I’ ends

I see you are replying with the wisdoms of knowledge. But I am just exploring the fact.

So you ask - when we are this ‘I’ - how to look awareness. Right?

Why bring in this thought process, naming? let it fade because it is a distraction.

Yes - but it’s not fading without our observation - as it gives more pleasure - and we feel more comfortable with thoughts,‘I’.

It is a movement of thought. All this assessment , evaluation, is thought. Once I realise the thinking process, what I think about it, is all constructed with the same field of thought, I don’t get enticed.


Yes. Absolutely. But this realisation/observation - does not happens for all - as the thought, ‘I’ gives comfort feeling temporarily.

After the comfort is lost - sufferings is there - and thought again urges all to run for another comfort - and it is going on always.

So - how one can observe/realise - that this thinking process is all same field of thought?

It is a meditation. Carefully, seriously, watching the mind, and seeing it is obviously memories. We will be familiar with it because I am the thinker, and the thinking is I, me. I suppose there is a degree of despair and sadness with the world.

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So - only if one experience sadness/sufferings psychologically - one may watch it.

That’s my experience. But then I read K and I discovered this man talks about what I thought was my own mind, and I hear thinking in a mind, not alienated, not divided, not detached…

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Yes - for me too.

Tried studying scriptures, yoga - like ways of karma,bhakti,etc… - but this thought goes on - controlling doesn’t worked out.

Came to know about K - a year back. Then i too came to know that - this man is different from every ‘yogis’. Then I sat with him by watching videos - observed/inquired with him. Then it revealed itself everything.

The word I have been using is awareness, but now I think it is clearer to say urgent awareness. That is there is no time for therapy, for self development and all that.

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So this ‘urgent’ awareness - is now circulating as a belief - like a way - all over. Many wants to grab it - by discussions - and quotes that “K said that - it can only be revealed in discussions” - but fail to observe psychologically.