Selflessness that K talks about, is it possible in today's confusing world?

It seems that in today’s world we are forced to constantly think about our own safety.

Is it not a fact that every life is constantly in danger?

We seem to have forgotten that, are unaware of it.

What is also a fact is that what people do to each other today is becoming more brutal every day.

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I always find it difficult to make clear cut comparisons. Statistics can be useful though, for specific, comparable phenomenon over time - like violence, poverty, education, famine, war, womens and minority rights, etc…

Selflessness means being free from the self but we on the contrary are occupied with the self and it’s desires therefore we never experiment with selflessness or freedom from the self.

Have you been experimenting “with selflessness or freedom from the self”?

If you have, would you mind describing some of your experiments?

Let’s not assume anything whatsoever .

I wasn’t assuming anything. I just don’t see how a self-centered brain can “experiment with selflessness”. Care to explain?

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If a self-centred person is okay with the conflict and pain that he or she goes through then that is it. But a person who is free from the self is selfless. There is no forcing oneself to be selfless through will but self-knowledge or self - awareness frees the mind from the
bondage of the self.,naturally.

Are you speaking from experience or just echoing K? If you’re speaking from experience, the implication is that you are selfless. Are you?

I wonder why you want to assure yourself by what others say. Authority fails every time in
the human mind.

I wonder why you evade the question.

If you know for a fact that “self-knowledge or self - awareness frees the mind from the bondage of the self.,naturally”, then you are selfless. But obviously, you are no more selfless than anyone else, so when you repeat K’s words, why not attribute them to him? When you speak someone’s words without making it clear that you’re not speaking from experience but from belief, you’re not reminding the reader of what someone else said, but of what you believe is true.

I wonder if you see the confusion it creates? When someone quotes Krishnamurti without attributing Krishnamurti, it’s unclear as to whether that someone is a living demonstration of the truth of those words, or just a believer. And it’s always a believer under the spell of the words one believes to be true, that speaks them mindlessly, as if they were one’s own.

Your first question, “Selflessness that K talks about, is it possible in today’s confusing world”, is not explored before your second question arises: “It seems that in today’s world we are forced to constantly think about our own safety.”

Should the reader respond to one question before the other, or should the reader discern to what both questions allude, and respond to that?

You are looking for proof, there is none. Do you observe yourself? Do we need krishnamurti to be aware ? Is awareness something that k created? No. So linking anything that anybody says in English to krishnamurti seems to me to be a distraction.
Selflessness is not a goal to be achieved. Selflessness is the outcome of self-knowledge. The more one is aware of the self or thought the less one is caught in it. That is logical.
And you can’t imitate krishnamurti or truth.

So it’s a matter of degrees of self-knowledge; how well, how deeply you know the ways of the self? If so, self-knowledge is accumulative, i.e., more content.

Yes ,it is like the engine of your car, the more you know about it the more you are free from it . It has been said know yourself you know God.

Knowing how the engine of your car works doesn’t free you from it.

If you did mechanical work you would understand what I mean. If something goes wrong I can detect it and solve it therefore I am free from the problem. But if someone doesn’t know about his car we know how much mechanics charge and most of the time they don’t know the problem .
Plus I don’t understand what you are getting at.

I do mechanical work and I’m familiar with how motors and engines work, but when something goes wrong, knowing what it is and how to fix it does not free me from my dependence on it. It just means I’m not as dependent on auto mechanics as most people. Maybe that’s your idea of freedom.