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Our uniqueness

One thing we might ask about the behavior and content of the unconscious:

Is it essentially the same as that of the conscious mind? Or is it more intelligent, awakened, loving? Is the unconscious a treasure trove of wisdom and truth, or the same old mess as the conscious mind? If the former, exploring the unconscious (i.e. nudging it into consciousness) would be beneficial. If the latter, it might not be worth looking into.

From what we know about dreams, the unconscious is more disturbing and discomfiting than the conscious, indicating that it compensates for the conscious mind which enables ease and overconfidence.

Two things usually missing in my dreams!

The unconscious as the shadow of the conscious mind. Yes, that resonates.

The shadow realm is a very rich place indeed, full of monsters and beauty. (Or so it seems to me, obviously I can’t know for sure.) Some minds are drawn to the light, I’m drawn to the light and darkness, the whole spectrum.

Light and darkness, it is a dualistic way of seeing things, the play of opposites. Is Krishnamurti suggesting another way, one that somehow manages to both ‘transcend’ and include light and darkness?