On criticism, sensitivity and self-gratification

Same circular/tail chasing/hamster wheel/call and response, feel good “enquiry” goin’ down @ Kinfonet, I see. We could look back 10 years and see the same phenomenon here at Kinfonet. Over and over, on and on, never ending streams of thinking and self centered activity. Aren’t we tired of it all yet??

Pointing out the fact in an impersonal polite manner, is inappropriate? I realize it doesn’t make us feel all warm and cozy/comforted, but it is a fact none the less.

And when confronted with the choice to like or dislike a post, the mind acts mechanically with predictable results.

Now, do you recall that conversation we had, where I said blow the doors off, but do it quietly, and don’t set off any alarms? You are so fired! :slight_smile:

But seriously, you have a point obviously, but does there not need to be an understanding of what exactly is taking place? Is there an awareness of what there may be at the very heart of self, in its inner sanctum?

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What is the fact that you are pointing out?

You are the violence. The interpretation, resistance and judgement removes you from the fact.

And not seeing that ‘I am the violence’ I either condemn or give in to the violent impulse. Let’s look at the drug addict. He doesn’t see that he is the addiction, most likely. So he either gives in to the desire to take his drugs or he resists and condemns. Unless we actually have the insight that we are the violence or addiction, there’s no hope of fundamental change…or so it seems. Of course none of us knows what will bring insight and enlightenment since it’s beyond the mind…beyond knowing.

Why do you want insight? I am the violence. There is nothing else to see or to understand. It is this desire for more illumination – calling it insight, enlightenment or understanding – that keeps us perpetually in the dark. Thought has done its job: it can retire. The demand for something more is the continuation of its violence.


Criticism is only of value in so far as it trains your observation so that it can eventually be turned on yourself.

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Criticism arises out of a feeling of frustration in myself, of feeling blocked by my reality not providing an accurate or a meaningful representation of things, whilst being unable to correct the situation myself through identifying the issue involved and redirecting attention.

Hello @RPS
I agree with you, the significance of criticism of the self is of utmost importance. The total process of the mind must be understood. The prison we reside in must be completely realized. I must be watchful of every thought and its cause.

I personally find the self on this forum to escape reality and keep the mind busy intellectually. It seems to be another activity for the mind. At the same time, I am in relationship with others, and serve as a mirror of my own mind and our one mind.

Soooo…are you accepting, or rejecting what was posted? :wink:

I would suggest that yes, there needs to be attention/comprehension/understanding of what we are doing. Otherwise, we might continue banging our heads against the wall…Etc. and so forth. Which of course is what is…going on. And so that suggests we/people/the mind enjoy/derive pleasure from “what is”.

Are you saying that by coming here, discussing, arguing, we perpetuate our own misery? Therefore, after ten years, twenty years, fifty years, nothing has changed radically in spite of all that we may have read, listened to or watched.

Read the the posting over, try to derive meaning of the post rather than the minds interpretation. I don’t have any other explanations.

And by the way, as a disclaimer, this post was not originated nor titled by me. Though i did make the comment about the tail chasing…

If these are just words “lip-synced” to enhance prestige, then my activity continues. But that doesn’t mean I stop coming to Kinfonet for pleasure/entertainment, I simply need to stop saying/pretending it is all serious enquiry/investigation.

So which mind isn’t facing the fact? The one who continues down the same failed path day after day till the end? Or the one who points out our common insanity?

Which self has the superior mind?

I shall stand with stupid (although if things get too rough, a retreat into hiding might be the best tactic)

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What do you consider happens when the mind, or what I would call brain, faces the fact of itself? And what is that brain in relationship to one that is not, and what if anything can it do about it?

But we don’t see that we are the violence. Therefore there is the need for insight into this fact, no? K spoke about the need for ‘self-knowledge’. Perhaps this is what he was referring to…understanding how the mind splits into observer and observed…the violence…the fact…and the observer who wants to act upon the fact.

It doesn’t matter. They are both hypothetical minds. It is what we are doing now that matters, nothing else.