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Meeting the actuality

I don’t understand why you separate the two?

Arousal is part of sensation. If you let it flower holistically, then the whole body partakes of that sensation, and it flowers and withers in a few seconds or minutes.

I am not speaking about acting out or acting from arousal. - Just the nonjudgemental observation of the movement of arousal as it flowers through the body and dies away; like a wave crashing on the shore.

As I keep on saying: there is nothing wrong with arousal or sensation. You are judging it from your own thinking because you have been lost in desire before, and you don’t want to get lost in it again. But it is only when our thinking comes in and tries to continue that state of pleasure or sensation that the problems begin. And the judgment of sensation by thought (as “seduction”, etc) is just the perpetuation of pleasure in a different form.


Is it true?

Had you be alone (or) been with a girl and watched what happens in this arousal? Does it really dies like wave without wasting time and energy? Are you 100% sure that arousal dies without continuation (or) control (or) suppress (or) divertion (or) engage?

Then why you spoke to be alive & healthy James? It’s a conflict here. I couldn’t understand.

Yes - if thought doesn’t continue it. There is no need to “curb” sensation or arousal. Just watch it like a wave crashing on the shore and ebbing away.

But this only happens when you are free to be attentive, alert - when there is a nonjudgmental state of mind.

James - you are speaking from your experience (or) just a theory?

Are you really living this way 24/7?

Are you really living without thoughts in this arousal?

No other diversion to another attachment, but like wave it ends?

If you are alert like this in every sensation, then you are living ‘K’ James. Then you might have no attachments and no desires. Right? Even if someone scold you now, you won’t get angry - as thought arises and dies like arousal.

Try it Viswa. No-one is talking about 24/7.

No trying James. Then it is an Idea.

If you have real experience 24/7 - only then it is actual.

Or else everything is Idea/Belief.

You see - you aren’t willing to try anything, drop any conclusion, experiment in any other direction from the one you have already arrived at.

I’m ready to experiment anything that is actual James.

If it works out for you in actual - I will surely try it.

But you are not answering that. So, it is only an idea for you.

First experiment yourself James. If you live 24/7, then I will try it.

Does this arousal end like wave for you? If not how you are strong in that?

Then, I will advice you to experiment some other thing which is not idea but actual for me.

Surrender to him totally. Try it James. Why you are not willing to drop your idea when someone says he is living 24/7 with that arousal ends by feeling “what a creative power he has”.

Try it James :slight_smile:

So - it is very simple. Experiment with staying with any sensation as it happens - with careful, nonjudgmental attention (no “curbing”, no inwardly muttering about it being “seduction”), and see if you can stay with it for a few seconds before your thinking comes in and plays with it.

This is not a theory. Anyone can do this for a few minutes. If you can do this for hours, all the better.

So James.

We have to end this here.

No more speaking with ideas/beliefs.

You are only parroting K’s words and experimenting with others, speaking only ‘ideas’ but failing to look “what we are”.

Experimenting some words - if not works, we have to drop it and not cling for it and not try it until it is done. It is just same like authority.

You are deluding yourself with ideas James.

I’m sorry.

Thanks and I invite you for another discussion about “fear of death”.

Hope you join there. :slight_smile:

Not sure what is going on here…body is an organism for sex, for reproduction. Arousal is necessary for sperm production. Sperm seeks eggs to fertilize. Eggs seek sperm to fertilize it. It is what all healthy bodies, animals, plants, insects, fish, etc do…Young creatures are more active sexually. Human thought has made it very complicated!

Hi Dan.

Please join the “fear of death” dialogue , where I raised some questions related to this.

Viswa has been saying that the senses are inherently “seductive”, and so he believes that he has to control them by recalling the image of krishna whenever he sees a beautiful woman.

I said that the senses are just what the sense-organs are - there is nothing inherently wrong about them. To be without sensations is to be dead.

Viswa replied saying that whenever he sees a woman he gets aroused, and that arousal needs to be “curbed” or sublimated through a belief in krishna.

I said that it is perfectly possible to be aroused by the sensation of a beautiful thing, and to let the sensation “wash over” the body, like a wave crashing on a sea-shore - without acting upon it, acting it out, or continuing it through imagination or thinking.

Viswa disputes this, because he says that unless I can prove to him that I can be in a state of attention continuously for more than a week, then the possibility of staying with a sensation non-judgmentally is invalidated.

However, I suspect that the real reason Viswa disputes all this is because krishna is more real to him than being alive (it sounds strange, but he says this kind of thing all the time, if you read his posts).

Not recalling ‘image’ James.

I surrendered once totally my “nothingness”.

And whenever I see, there is immediate feeling and no ‘images’, no beliefs.

I had said you before.

Please read the previous replies I made.

Krishna, in what I feel, is not ‘image’ or ‘picture’ or ‘material’. Just a name.

It is same ‘nothingness’ ‘compassion’ ‘subtle’ ‘truth’ as said by K,buddhists

But why shouldn’t it just lead to having sex, when it’s consensual? And possible?

Because I felt - semens are more important to be turned to Ojas.

Then I surrendered. That’s it.

Who are ‘you’ to speak for those ‘little guys’?

‘little guys’ means?

Do they live?

Yes with only one thing in mind, to make little Viswas.

No. There is no ‘Viswa’ who desires little Viswas :slight_smile: