Have you explored intuition, how it works, what it offers, its strengths and weaknesses?

How is love related to Love? Are they different species or variants within the same species?

Aren’t we to assume that love is self-centered and Love is not? Being self-centered, how can we know anything about not being self-centered?

Yes, being self centred one cannot know what it means to not be self centred.
In one of the last online zoom dialogues it was proposed that being aware of division is non-division, which makes no practical sense. Being aware of division is being aware of division. Awareness of non-division is non-division.
Two nations like US and Russia fight each other in division. They consider the division to be real. They are not aware of non-division. Only third person or someone not involved in the war, not involved in division see they are same as human beings.
So a person aware of division (which is unawareness if division is illusion) is not aware of non-division. They are rather caught in illusion of division and are unaware. Only person without division is aware. Such a person sees people as human beings not divided identities like American or Russian.
So it is makes no practical sense to say awareness of division is non-division.

All humans are one undivided species, but that doesn’t mean that humans can’t create divisions between each other. Self-imposed divisions are real and denying it is unrealistic because the problem of division can’t be addressed by pretending it doesn’t exist.

If one sees and feels the oneness of humanity, the imposition of divisions is a problem to be addressed, not by denial, but by understanding why these divisions are imposed.

I don’t know how a person who loves can address hate as such a person knows no hate. A person who loves can only emphasize love and say hate is illusion

Methinks I am fonder of the self than most people here. “Love is self-free” is not an assumption I’m really happy to make. It might be true, it might be false. I prefer not knowing.

Sounds like you aren’t interested in shades of gray, degrees of self-centeredness? I am. It’s how I see/fathom the world (or not). Might be another thing I’m fonder of than most people here?

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To address hate one must understand what it is and why the brain does it. I don’t see how someone “who loves” can be innocent without self-knowledge.

It’s like saying whether division is fact or idea.
Most people accept division as fact. They say non-division is idea.
I am saying other way around. Non-division is fact. Division is idea. We have accepted division as fact. That is our conditioning.

If non-division is fact, then separation is non-fact, thinker separate from thought is non-fact. Then thinker does not do anything and the illusion of thinker disappears. That is awareness.

Thinker, Division is unaware and so there is no self-knowledge or awareness. Self knowledge is not continuation of division, but awareness.

Awareness is space in which thinker, division, choice is absent.

Thinker will never accept division is illusion as division or choice is basis of existence of mechanism of thinker.

Love is not feeling, attraction etc. It is a state of being where love alone is. It is a state in which the body is love, furnitures in the room are love, love alone is. Discussing or persuing it seems futile.

Is there value in pondering the imponderable?

For your mental health @rickScott ? If it’s something that you enjoy doing and it’s not harmful to you or to someone or something else, that could have ‘value’ for you.

So @Adeen if this is the case how does the illusion of ‘thinker / division’ come to an end and non-division seen as the fact?

I as thinker / observer must end, mustn’t I? How does that ending come about? Is there any ‘help’ that can bring this ending about, if that is what is necessary to realize the fact of ‘non-division’?

That is probably a naive question given JK spent some 60 years pointing out the illusion of division and as I recall, thought that any ‘help’ in dispelling it was a hindrance?

It seems likely that many if not most of us will live out our days without realizing the ‘fact of non-division’.

You tell us what love is, what it is not, that “discussing it and pursuing it seems futile”, yet here you are discussing it. Isn’t love what one does, not what one says?

Is it possible to ponder the impossible?

It’s definitely possible to ponder around the imponderable. I’ve spent years contemplating Brahman, the apotheosis of Imponderables! To what extent my musings actually ‘touched on’ Brahman’s true nature (does it have a true nature?) is questionable.

Agreed. Zen koans ask you to ponder the imponderable. And they are said to be valuable.

Halloween’fully H.P. wrote a story called The Unnameable about a horror so horrific it was: unnameable! I think about that sometimes, not the horror part, but the notion of some thing or experience being truly un-nameable. Seems like we humans can give names to everything!

It seems likely that many if not most of us will live out our days without realizing the ‘fact of non-division’.

That is a sadness.

Is it your sadness as well as ours? Or do you feel sad for us?

I’m afraid so. (But it could change?)