Listening to K

So without motivation, without wanting to listen to the river, you just listened. Do the same when someone is speaking, just listen. Can you do it, you do it with the river. See what happens. Is there a difference when there is no motivation, no wanting to understand?

What motivates me to tell someone (or myself) to listen without motivation? Isn’t I, the motivator, the problem? And isn’t the solution beyond anything I can do because I am the problem?

Can I be trusted to do the right thing, to act intelligently, if I can only do what I’m conditioned to do? What ever I decide, choose, to do or not to do, it’s almost invariably the wrong thing, so what hope is there for I?

I has got to go. How do I know this? How can I be sure this is true? Doesn’t awareness make it obvious what I is and what I is doing? If not, there’s no hope for humanity.

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