Is there anyone other than oneself?

Yes - if we can look at the marbles together and count them that would be great.
But conflict and confusion is preventing us even getting that far.

If we look at the conversations here on the forum, some people think that the person asking the question is their sworn enemy in disguise, some people think that marbles don’t exist because of some philosophical teaching, some people think the question is a trap, that we must never count marbles etc…
You ask why we are like that Adeen, good question - first are we all aware that we are like that? Or is it only the other people that are confused?

The correct answer to this question is : No (or Yes - or I don’t know)
No would be the reasonable answer. But some people might say Yes because they are answering a different question. They are probably being confused by some esoteric mystical teaching in their heads, or by some libertarian concern (about our personal rights and freedoms)

Tricky, difficult questions do exist - sometimes even simple statements sound complicated because its the first time we have heard anything similar.

When people listen to new ideas for the first time (like when we first listened to K) we are dependant on what we already believe - about the world, about people, about philosophy - and we listen through a veil of knowing. Which is my Boss, which confuses or causes resistance to what I hear.

“Any subject”? The subject of World War Two, for instance, is, “largely theoretical” until I have examined it with someone else?

What is love?

Many times you’ve presumed to know what love is, and when challenged, admitted to not knowing what love is, so what is there to talk about? Do you have a problem with not knowing; with acknowledging your ignorance and arrogance?

This is an invitation to change, to find out. No-one is forcing you to do a thing about it.

My response to your invitation is to ask you why you have to issue an invitation to do what we’re already doing here. If you think you know better how to do what we’re doing, and that you can teach us how to do it your way, I invite you to go somewhere else with your arrogance.

It is an invitation to change - there is no ‘my way’ or ‘your way’ about it - by finding out whether it is possible to think together without using ideas and images. It is difficult to put it any clearer and simpler than this.

If you know how “to think together”, you’ll demonstrate it…you won’t issue invitations or ask for our consent. You’ve been begging for someone to “meet” you for a long time now, and it’s time you took your pathetic plea somewhere else.

It takes two or more of us to demonstrate what it means to do anything together, to cooperate. That is why the invitation remains as firm as ever.

Let us know when it happens.

There is no future to it. It is now or never.

And you’ll never stop going on about it…

Finally, we are agreed on something!