Is K still relevant?

In other words, separate from “my own images about it”.

Yes, but not as an idea. The totality of misery with the whole quality of intelligence, compassion and freedom included.

If you were aware of the “totality of misery”, you wouldn’t be miserable.

Quit dissembling. Limit your posts to questions.

My impression is that you keep speaking about directness and simplicity, but keep surrounding your thoughts-feelings with indirectness and complexity. What do you really truly want?

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What do you really truly want? I’ll bet you don’t know. Well, neither do I. But I know I don’t want to be told what life is all about.

You are still treating it as an idea. Neither of us know what it means to be aware of the totality. Otherwise, we wouldn’t still be miserable. And we are, aren’t we? Question.

Krishnamurti doesn’t talk of life being miserable, quite on the contrary. If one feels his/ her life is miserable it’s his/her own responsibility, that’s why Krishnamurti tells us to know about ourselves.

So what do you know about yourself then, Jess?

I didn’t ask you to tell us what you know about yourself, have I, Maheshji? What you’re doing with your life is what you, just you, have to deal with, and you won’t be asked to confess your sins! Life is not a small affair, that’s what Krishnamurti says and it’s learning about this life that we are here for.

I want to come back to a question I put previously in the thread.

Is our life, our daily life, grounded in an actuality or is it rather imaginary? Otherwise put: do we live with images or factual? Is it possible to see the difference, if any? And if there is a difference , who will tell?
If we are familiar with the teaching the answers are ready made and surely we can tell.
But …will that be of any help?

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Alright, then what have you learnt about life?

That its not about whats learnt - just about this moment of learning?

I’m easy: quiet happiness 24/7. :wink:

Do you mean not to be disturbed?

Hello, Maheshji! It’s not that I have learnt, we’re learning about life as we live. You said before you don’t want people to tell you what life is and I can understand that very well as it wouldn’t be true, but I do know it isn’t a small affair.

There are times I’m happy to be disturbed. Generalizing doesn’t work. I want whatever I happen to want given the present situation. I want what I want. (Sounds like Popeye?)

Hello? Is someone there? It seems that I am left alone with my questions.
I had hoped for a kind of response . It is maybe for the better because in the coming days I will be little available.
So, in the mean time ( which by the way is an incredible word, worth its while to look it up)i will remain with my questions.
Take care.

Because telling others “what live is all about” is what you do.

What about now then?

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