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Inquiry and psychoanalysis

I understand. And you think that choiceless awareness is such an unimaginable awakening, so if I think I can feel choiceless awareness happening I’m fooling myself?

I’d say, why not start from the premise that you are ‘choice less awareness’.?

I don’t know that this is true. But let’s assume it is: I am choiceless awareness, that is my true identity, the source of ‘me.’

Inquiry, assuming I understand him/her properly, has been telling me I cannot detect choiceless awareness when it happens ‘in’ me. Adding that to your statement would mean that I cannot detect what I really am. Does that make sense to you, that you can’t feel/intuit/know what you really are? It might be wishful thinking, but I have a strong feeling that, deep down, I know what I am, we know what we are.

Choice less awareness is not the “source of me” The psychological ‘you’ or ‘me’ is the creation of thought, the illusion of the ‘thinker’ as separate from thought. There is nothing ‘personal’ in awareness. The ‘self’ or self image is created by thought. That is the point K was making, that “you are nothing”, “you are the world” You don’t exist, etc …It’s very radical isn’t it?

Yes. It sends my brain into a “This does not compute!” short-circuit loop.

Looking one way through a lens I am nothing, no-thing, empty of all identity. Looking the other way I am everything, the world, all that is. (This is mostly theory for me, if I were to actually realize it my life would probably change dramatically.)

This struck me this morning, this thing about ‘time’. I hear about these things K and others are saying and even in these dialogues here, and there arises a ‘desire’ to know the truth…to live the truth…and what struck me was that though this seemed natural enough to ‘want’ this, whatever it was, it was in the ‘future’. It wasn’t now…I had to ‘get there’. If I wanted as a child to learn to tie my shoes, time was necessary to learn to do it. Same thing with an instrument, time was needed to master it, etc , but what about this business? Was ‘time’ necessary to realize the truth? Study, meditate, inquire, etc? Obviously not. That was a crossover from the technical realm and here it was in the psychological. The ‘truth’ was right in front of me and could be nowhere else, …because there was no where else!

I know these are just strings of words like all the rest, but maybe the meaning behind them comes through.

It depends on what you take to be ‘truth.’ Is truth what-is when psychological time is absent? Does truth involve psychological time?

We all know what Jiddu said, but that shouldn’t stop us from wondering, right?

I’m fooling myself every moment. That’s why I question my every thought, impulse, desire, fear, etc. I can’t be trusted because I am acting out of confusion, belief, misinformation, fear, desire, and so on. When/if the mind opens to what-is, there is no “I”, nothing to trust.

Nor is there anything to distrust, using this reasoning. There’s just … stuff.

It’s useless to speculate because until one sees clearly one’s own duality, one is dualistic.

We talk about psychological time as if we know what it is, but if we did know what it is, we’d be four dimensional, mentally unbound by time…whatever that means.

To put it another way, our problem is that the fourth dimension (time) is known to us only by our measure of the speed and intensity of unfolding events.

Psychological time, as the term was used by Krishnamurti, means afaik: the psychological gap between what-is and what-should-be. This gap can be seen, it’s not difficult. I think you are mixing psychological and chronological time, things Krishnamurti kept separate.


I don’t see a gap between those two because one can’t exist without the other, and I don’t see how that conflict relates to time. I thought what K meant by “psychological time” is what he called “becoming”.

I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing, becoming is the gap between one’s present state and an imagined future state.

Yes, and that’s what he meant by “psychological time”.