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Have you ever thought about freedom?

Just a thought, going, going …

One opportunity provided by a conflict with someone here is to learn about yourself by looking at your psychological reaction to the offending messages.

Another is to up your skillfulness in interacting with people, learn how to communicate what you would like to communicate in a manner that maximizes the chance the other person won’t get riled up and defensive.


Yes, and though some would call your advice walking on egg-shells or tip-toeing around, I agree that, as revealing as the riled-up, defensive reaction may be, we’re not here to expose the other’s conditioning, but to acknowledge and examine our conditioned response.

Exposing other people’s foibles in a way that doesn’t cause conflict requires the kind of trust that’s hard to come by in an online forum, right? It’s so easy for most of us to get hurt and angry by harsh words.

I remember that previously, you have given your definition of love. Now the time has come to change that definition. (In a friendly way)

Please do watch the video of Jiddu and experience the change in your system both biologically and mentally. If possible :slight_smile:

Which Krishnamurti video?