Ecce Homo (Sapiens)


Sometimes it feels like this is the most important thing to be seen. But when its in full gear it seems best not to point it out.

For the brain to operate in I-me-mine mode, it must deny its relationship with its environment by resisting/distorting awareness of it through incessant thought.

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We love our movies, right? RICK SCOTT! Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring: Rick Scott!! Produced, written, reviewed, marketed, directed, produced byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: You guessed it: Rick Scott! And God forbid that our movies are just run of the mill, they need to be (they are) must-see melodramas!

I love the mellow-drama of my life. It’s great fun, quite thrilling. Heck, it’s ME! But it’s dawning on me that there’s something fundamental that’s missing, that I’m missing out on. I can be fast on the uptake, but with the dawning, I’m very very slow.