Does emptiness exist?

I understand what you mean. Emptiness can’t cause trouble and feel as pain because- nothing is impossible. You can’t feel it because it doesn’t exist. The emptiness you feeling is something, a thing and it can end. Everything is possible. The void and loneliness and isolation you feel is something. And it can end. You understand me? I am sorry if you don’t. It is a meditation about emptiness. I need more observation about it.

Yes thanks, think I understand you.

How can you believe “nothing is impossible” when you can’t deny what you cannot possibly do in this moment given the circumstances?

Emptiness can’t cause trouble and feel as pain…You can’t feel it because it doesn’t exist.

You can feel emptiness as acutely as you can feel fullness, and you can feel every decree of emptiness/fullness in between the opposite extremes.

Everything is possible.

Only if everything is unconditional, which it is not.

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You can’t feel that which is absent. It is out of your mind. If you feel empty it is something. Be sure of it. Everything is dying. So this emptiness/ loneliness/ void can disappear. Jiddu Krishnamurti said emptiness is energy. It very interesting to think about the nature of death and emptiness for me. I want to know the truth of it and share it with you.

When one moves from one moment to next, living in present, there is no emptiness. One is always vibrant and active.

When one fills ones bucket with memories of past and moves his past from a filled bucket to empty bucket, in that transaction one feels emptiness. The instant pause is emptiness. Once pouring into bucket starts, the man feels he is occupied. The emptiness is a gap from past moving into present, cliaming the past to continue in present.

The emptiness or not being empty is a product of thought. An alert, attentive, living present, being aware every micro second, listening, carry no traces memory in human relationships - would never feel emptiness. One is full of energy and enthusiasm and life.

I understand you. But I am still don’t understand the nature of emptiness. Jiddu Krishnamurti said happy is the one who is nothing. This means nothingness is a positive state. And it is energy. No self. This is deep. I think to be selfless is to be holy. What do you think?

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JK deals in his dialogue and talks on Psychological space meaning knowledge gathered in human relationships.

JK does not talk about functional or physical knowledge required for living. Example: Carpentory, To know places to travel, To know language or mathematics or physics, etc. Which is essential for living.

Emptiness is a domain that takes place in Psycological space, read in conjuction with earlier post. Any knowledge in human relationships has zero value. Meaning knowledge as past interfering in present has no purpose and inevitably outcomes are divisive in nature.

Going slow with understanding the implication of the choice of words with actuality/truth/only truth, can bring better awarness on the futility of expressions.

Just being aware and living in present every micro second, can reveal much more than what JK has revealed. That is the key to dispel the psycological EMPTINESS.

A child somewhere in Africa is feeling very hungry. I can’t feel it. Does it therefore not exist?

Thank you for your question, Pravin, and welcome back. For a narcissist, not much exists outside the self. But factually, there are tremendous conditions that exist that are unseen, unfelt, by many. Our planet holds much suffering.

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