Can we please discuss this for my sake? I have been inquiring into clarity, and I see that when there is no energy being wasted is when clarity takes place. Energy being wasted simply means energy which is producing nothing.

I’ve had what I call an “attention problem” in my near past, but the obsession over it is not any different than the problem. This mind problem only arises once there is an effort to escape it. So what am I experiencing exactly? I want to get to the bottom of it, intellectually. Is it attempting to discover something which is already found? Like, I can’t actually lose my mind even if I think I did.

It might be helpful if we take a near antonym for clarity : confusion.

Sometimes I see confusion as the problem arising from the confilct between different opposing concepts held to be true.

There will be confusion if one has to choose. If they have to choose like a multiple choice test then they don’t know, otherwise they would have seen the answer instantly. So, I would be fooling myself by thinking there is a specific way out which I’ve yet to find. Because any choice would just result in more confusion if I’m already confused

Perhaps I should mention distraction. When distraction is being perceived there’s resistance, because we are distracted and don’t want to focus on it. That’s conflict, not freedom. And when I am “stuck” per se, distraction takes place. Wherever my mind goes, it’s being perceived as that.

‘As seen here’ clarity is the absence or negation of whatever is ‘in the way’ or whatever is ‘roiling the water’. The core obstacle to clarity is the desire to make things clear. To ‘change’ what is because what is doesn’t conform to ‘my’ image of clarity." K put it that his secret was that he doesn’t “mind what happens”. If I mind what happens, I will try to ‘do’ something to bring about something, to become something etc…The ‘thinker’ can’t bring about clarity because he doesn’t exist, as has been said, he’s a ‘trick of thought.

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Sounds like you’re describing the usual conflict between what is and what should be. Which is confusion, as it is based on the dictat of the central entity identified as me. Whereas the mind, and how it perceives its environment, does not seem to be under its own control at all.

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Nothing but smoke, noise, which has a distorting, obfuscating effect.

The intellectual bottom may not be deep enough. Words fail.