Choice/less awareness

When a mind is confronted with the choice to like or dislike (a post, for instance), does it respond mechanically (with a type of censorship, for instance), or does it stop/turn inward to explore the minds actual response (of accept/reject, for instance)?

What is the mind (yours/mine/ours, for instance) actually doing here?

My mind is confused because it is being asked about itself :crazy_face:

So at first reading with morning coffee, there is the automatic appraisal by my conditioned rationality - then due to the question, I kind of wonder whether this needs another more open minded, loving appraisal - but before that happens, automatic judgement has fallen and kneejerk reaction has been posted (see above) :face_with_monocle: :partying_face:

I am in part congregating while laying things out for consideration to determine whether there is any congruence between my many selves.

Well, selves…by nature are incongruent. And the plan is to lay it all out in order to defy mother nature? ;0)

I kind of wonder if there is, in reality a “more open minded, loving appraisal”. Unless we’re talking about diamonds.

It is possible for two fragments or for two selves to be in conflict with one another, so in that sense they are the same thing, but not the awareness of it. I am looking to see whether there is the immediate apprehension by selves of other being itself. You are not seeing other as yourself right now are you?

The next time you experience conflict with another self willing to play that game, find out what is possible then and there. Otherwise it’s simply second hand information anyone can buy or sell.

Why do you call it a game? How would you proceed right here, right now, with me? What do you want to say?

Can we talk of degrees? Maybe if we leave love out of the equation (as it has contradictory meanings)?
Can I be at least less domineering? more compassionate? Make it less about me and more about you, or the question?

Hello RPS. I was interested to see that you wrote about the mind making a choice between liking or disliking a post. In my experience, the liking or disliking is often a reaction of more than just the mind - maybe the heart and stomach and maybe more come into this. A “gut reaction” is often what guides me towards the choice of like or dislike. One of the things that attracted me when I first heard Krishnamurti speaking was that the teachings “rang true” on a much deeper than purely intellectual level. I felt a strong connection with what he was saying.

When we read a post it seems to affect us on many levels. Do we react well to authenticity? I think I always like posts that I feel are honest and authentic. Some posts just seem more communicative to me than others and that probably determines if I like a post or not. I don’t know if I’ve gone off on a tangent here but I don’t think a mechanical response of the mind is what determines if I like or dislike a post.

Behavior modification is not change. Be more polite less aggressive, act the part we think K or Christ laid out for us. This is what is going on at Kinfonet; we pick and choose the words and try to emulate. I’ll just point to the fact that it is a failed model/blue print/path.

I call all interaction between people with pleasure/comfort/security as the motive, a game.

Like-dislike/accept-reject/true-false/good-bad/right-wrong. These are some of the mechanical/automatic responses K called “choice”. Others have called it “duality”.

K and Christ aside - do you think we should be more or less aggresive?

Right. But is that good or bad? :slight_smile:

How can we leave our authority aside?

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When someone talks about the self image I look at that and understand this is I, me. The self image, now understood as what we think is this other and me, you and me, and sharing this understanding, there is not a division.