Can one know the love that Krishnamurti talked about for over sixty years.?

K has his own unique description of love.

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This statement seems too rigide, too absolute!
Can anyone ever know all descriptions?
And yes I love his descriptions Too !

As far as I know, we cannot describe love in words. :slight_smile:

This is a difficult question because love or intelligence is not something that one who loves can share with a loveless person… Children because they are less conditioned as adults can relate to the love that Krishnamurti talked about. We adults mix up love with sexual desire which is thought.

As the present thread is related to Love, I want to share something related to it.

I have seen a video of Dalia Lama, he said that a child who has not learnt the language of any religion or nationality is by nature compassionate and therefore, love is a natural instinct of we human beings. He also said that as the child slowly learns the language, inside division will start occurring.

How many of you agree for this assertion?

Can one know the love that Krishnamurti talked about for over sixty years.?


Why not ? K was an intelligent person he wouldn’t talk about love and compassion if no one could relate to it.

Dalia Lama is a student of krishnamurti (which is a great thing.).


He said many things on social stability, I feel we should have discussion on maintaining stable relationship with people around us. What do you say?

Look at yourself (oneself), the answers should be obvious. How far are you (is one) from “love”? The problem isn’t in K, it is in you (one).

What is love? I remember when I was a child and people were talking about love. Then one day I fell in love with a girl in my class at school. I guess we all know what is love. What is happening when being in love? It transforms us. It is as if we function differently.

I understand your intent, but we can love anyone surrounding us and it is not confined to one particular person.

No all of us don’t know what love is?

Love is a many splendored thing? :slight_smile:

Is love desire? One has to negate that which is not love. Is love attachment with it’s fear and uncertainties? According to K love is understanding. The understanding that takes place between a professor who knows his material deeply and the students. In my opinion sexual attraction is based on desire or pleasure therefore not love. Love cannot become jealousy or hate, right?

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