Beyond the metaphors and stories

Even if our intention is to do our best at every moment, our behavior is determined by our emotional response, which often turns out to be more regrettable than defensible.

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What do all these have in common: metaphors, stories, images, words, maps, ideas, representations, symbols, pointers, signs?

They all stand for something other than themselves.

What stands for nothing other than itself? Is this what lies ‘beyond metaphors’?

You may have arrived. Unfortunately, if we resist what we see, we don’t really see it. Conclusion is not insight, resistance is not clarity.

Q : what do the stories point to? or better still Q: what are stories?

A: They represent experience. Hopefully they represent shared experience - are tools for communication.
Communication serves to spread and reinforce experience - so stories represent experience and they condition further experience - both reinforce each other. This in order to achieve goals (ie. raise fertile children)